Thursday, August 28, 2014

0% APR!!!

...when you use your favorite credit card to PAINT WITH!!!

ok, no, that isn't technically a credit card, it's a defunct wholesale club membership card, but i really did use it... as per tammy's instructions... to make my latest daily paper prompt essperiment, see?

i'm sure you've seen various ways applying paint in this manner, and i have to say, it almost always results in something unexpected, colorful and cool! the one thing i did differently this time is to put the paint on the card, rather than on the page, before spreading it about. it allowed me to keep the colors more or less in spectrum order, to make swirly rainbows!

i am frankly horrible about making things anywhere except in my house, but i'd like to get better! admittedly, this time i only went as far as our back deck, but i did sit out there for an hour or so and paint the seven norway spruce we planted when we moved in, and it was REALLY fun.

at the moment, given anything vaguely freestyle, i've been choosing to doodle and practice lettering. so that's what i did here. and yes, in real life the green marker background is capable of causing retinal damage. (yikes!) :)

if you want to know what this technique is actually supposed to look like, you need to click the link and read about it, because this isn't it, lol. i tried a variation that didn't realllllllllly work, but art journaling is all about trying something NEW, right? i kind of like the lotus; and i really like the blue watercolor background. so there's that!

what new art experiments have ♥YOU♥ tried this week? it's not too late... thursday is an excellent time to do something totally new, don't you think, darlings?


  1. You drew those trees?!?!!? See ... you CAN draw! Mine would be soooo impressionist. Just the IDEA that it MIGHT be a tree, sortof. Maybe.

    PS: I'm up to #3, and it's not going well. Sigh.

  2. WOW Lauren!! Those are fantastic!!!

  3. Okay, these are all fantastic but we need to talk about dpp-025 for a minute. If I ever again hear (well, read technically) you say you can't draw I'm going to personally come to your place and tune you in. I absolutely love dpp-025. It's just stunning. And incredible. I'm mesmerized by it.

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Such great art work! Love these my friend!


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