Sunday, August 10, 2014

collage ahoy!

in case you were wondering when bits of randomly combined paper were going to make their appearance in my daily paper prompt collection, the answer is, "NOW"! :)

possibly my favorite kind of collage to make is the "more fun than cleaning up all these tiny scraps" variety, where i really do just grab every miscellaneous thing within reach and try to combine it. sometimes that results in a real mishmash, but this one came out pretty well, actually. (please note that i twisted this prompt for my own purposes!)

more papers from my dripping and blotting essperiments last week. i didn't really love any of them in their native state, but punched and stacked and sewn together they become a bit more than the sum of their parts. (...and clearly this summer's mini-obsession with circles is not over yet...)

some nights when i sit down at 9pm with no ideas at all the process of "powering through" results in something fresh and new and awesome. this was not one of those nights, lol. but i practiced hand-lettering (and numbering) and tried every color of paint in my new travel watercolor set, so WAHEY!


  1. Wonderful! Love the top collage.

  2. Even when you have no ideas you are inspiring ... hard to even pick a favorite, although the leftovers are nudging ahead.

  3. Sew much fun in the first two with sewn hearts and circles, but the happy coloring in the third makes me just as happy :)

  4. Ohhhhh your collages are so awesome!! I admire them and your creative wizardry!!


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