Wednesday, July 9, 2014

brand new art crush!

this time i'm captivated by watercolors, specifically the whimsical, colorful, doodle-y flowers of alisa burke! if you want to see some totally drool-worthy examples, click this link! meanwhile, here's my ICAD tribute:

036: inspired by alisa burke
i'm determined to practice more with my watercolors. specifically, i'd like to be better at blending!

037: je connais tiny stapled collage
(posted on monday to go with my daisy yellow guest spot!)

038: collage of leftovers
this was most of the stuff left on my worktable the other night: paper strips, a dina wakley stamped bird, scraps of lace and ribbon and tape, and a little bit of magazine text.

039: doily collage
yep, i'm still totally obsessed with both overlapping layers and using even the tiniest scraps of doily, so clearly this one was just a matter of time! :)

speaking of time, i'm trying to blog more regularly and avoid loading an entire week's worth of index cards into one post. it's hard to believe that ICAD is more than half over already, this summer is just totally flying by!!! ♥


  1. I think your card is pretty drool-worthy if you ask me - in fact, they ALL are!!! VERY pretty and you've been busy!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful and that link definitely has me drooling too.

  3. Really nice work! Great colors on the flowers card! And I agree-- where is summer going??

  4. so fun! Loving your birdie! and your water colouring!

  5. super the bloom and that birdie:) The overlap layers...awesome.

  6. Such fun cards! Love the bright watercolor card!


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