Friday, July 11, 2014

more stashy goodness!

we're still celebrating the shopping our stash ethos at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ by making holiday cards welllllllll in advance... using stuff we've had for a while! it's win/win people!!! :) here's what i made this week:

(basic grey nordic holiday patterned paper... c. 2011?; making memories scalloppy journal card from around the same time; k and co dimensional felt poinsettias from about 2010, i think; newish elle's studio sentiment flag; card base made from heavy cardstock that i think HAS TO BE ten years old, because it's 8.5x11" and came from the stationary store, not a craft place, and it has to be that long since i've shopped there!!!  other supplies: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, colorbox ink, upholstery and machine embroidery thread from joann fabrics)

everything on this card is at least three or four years old. at least. probably older! those dimensional felt flowers are probably the oldest of the main ingredients, which is ironic because they are my favorite part. but i confess they do make a card awfully lumpy! and remember,it's me-- the queen of lumpy cards-- sayin' that!!! so how will i mail this? ideally, it'll go in a package with some gifts. if not, i'll slide it into an ordinary envelope, then slip the whole thing inside a padded jiffy mailer, possibly with a bit of corrugated cardboard to make it unbendable. it'll cost a little more to mail but will still be well UNDER the price of a store-bought card. i have definitely been more thoughtful this year on the subject of mail-ability, and swapping out lumpy items for postage-friendly when i'ts possible for me to do so and still love the card as much! but that last bit-- "still love the card as much" --really is crucial to me, so i'm willing to pay more to mail cards i love more.

i used the current retro sketch (#122) for my layout:

speaking of cards to ♥lOOoOooOOooove♥ i happen to know there are a bunch of 'em at SOS and JINGLE BELLES, so be sure to check those out when you link up your own stashy holiday creations at both sites!


  1. Yay for using your stash...what a fabulous card!

  2. Love those felt pointsettias and the layers of pretty paper! Thanks for inviting the SOS chicks to play along with Jingle Belles! It's been so much fun :)

  3. I read how old your items were that you used for this card, and it makes me wonder why we buy more than we can use all the time?? LOL We wouldn't do that with food and just stash it, but it's comical how we all do that with our supplies. we're hopeless I guess......BUT......your card is gorgeous with those dimensional poinsettias and that beautiful die cut element that showcases the pretty sentiment! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What Carol said.

    And it's a sickness, a SICKNESS I tell you! We must have more stuff. We purge so we can buy MORE STUFF. I will say, though, that I'm much more selective these days, but still ..

  5. Lovely! What a classic beauty, super use of older stash and really neat use of the sketch. Love the pattern on the bottom base of the card and the neutral space on the top of the card, in a way reversing the spaces of the sketch. Great creativity! Thanks so much for stopping my by blog and leaving your sweet comments!

  6. Carol's right, but mannnnn. Crafty things don't spoil though :) Those flowers were worth hoarding for sure! They're perfect :)


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