Wednesday, July 2, 2014

motherload of ICAD!

it's been a heck of a week, which involved an emergency trip to the dentist*, an emergency trip to the chiropractor**, and a birthday with a zero in it.*** there were ICADs made, but not posted. and there still are. but this is how many are ready to go right now, so as cathy zielske wisely said, "sometimes good enough is good enough". words to live by, no?! here are the cards:

023: mehndi doodles
i wanted to see if i could draw some stylized, indian-inspired, 
tattoo-like graphics... and i could! score!

024: m is for marilyn
strangely enough, all of these little bits and bobs were "leftovers" on my worktable one night. 

025: scrappy rainbow with stitched circles
i traced a few of the circle outlines before i started machine stitching; i freehanded a few more when i got going.

026: pink transparency layers
the weird thing about the FIVE (!) layers i've assembled here... (magazine lady's face, fussy-cut flamingos, the word "city", my own photoshopped and tinted statue of liberty photo, fussy cut pink flower) that they almost blend together too well, become visual mush. also, i forgot to print the transparency in reverse, so lady liberty is holding the torch in the wrong hand. ah well, all's fair in love and ICAD! :)

027: rose collage
more random layers. what can i say? i like random layers. 'specially vintagey ones!

028: mehndi doodles and spray ink
one of these cards had random inks on it before i started, the other i painted and sprayed and smooshed around with different colors afterwards. i was not intentionally creating a pair... but that's what happened!
029: collage of stitched squares
i was inspired by tammy, who's been making some amazing collages that are basically squares and stitching (and magic! and awesomeness!); this is why i never worry about "copying"... my stuff NEVER looks like the thing i'm trying to re-create anyway, lol. which is a good thing, i suppose.

030: "etuden" collage
more random but serendipitous paper scraps; but this time... with WORDS!

*one of my (many, expensive) crowns fell out. fortunately, i didn't swallow it. even better, the dentist decided the tooth underneath didn't need anything else done to it and he just glued it back in there. as dental emergencies go, this was mercifully minor.

**for the first time in a (happy, grateful) long time, my back went totally out. luckily i had a comfortably carpeted floor, a backlog of netflix, and a very sweet husband on hand to help me cope. also, a great chiropractor, who's got me-- knock wood-- on the mend!

***rhymes with "nifty"! i thought i might be really freaked out, but as it turns out, not so much. of course, i did spend pretty nearly the entire month of june scoopin' up lovely birthday treats, which HELPS!! :)


  1. happy birthday lauren! i just reached a milestone one too, but you'd have to add a decade - oh no!. lol. these are all gorgeous - i always love your collages, something i'm not very skilled with and i love your doodles, especially the spray ink ones.

  2. I hope WE didn't have you scurrying around too much!!!!!

    Hope the following weeks are celebrated with birthday festivities!

    Love all the fab eye candy!

  3. OOOh,so sorry about your emergencies. There never is a good time for all that is there! Happy Birthday with a 0! I am thoroughly enjoying your index cards. What a wonderful collection.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Glad you're on the mend. Great cards! Love the variety. I'm going to be sorry when July and ICAD come to an end.

  5. How does one watch Netflix from the comfort of one's floor? The TV isn't at the right angle for that stuff. I'd have had a lot furry feline company though. They think it is all fun and games if a human lies on the floor. Fun projects, lots going on so even though you've been down and out you've been busy creating and crafting.

  6. Wow - check out those fab ICADs!!! I especially love the mendhi doodles, the rainbow stitched circle and the gorgeous pink transparency layers!!! Love how it all blended together! (well actually I love them all, really!)
    Sure hope your birthday was fantastico and that your back is feeling better soon!!!.Back pain is just so awful! Have you tried yoga at all? Since I started doing yoga regularly, I have had so much less trouble with my back and when it does flare up, I work through it quicker and more easily it seems. Bonne Fete my fellow blogger!
    Shanna :)

  7. Way to cram everything into a week! *whew* on the dental emergency. And boo on the back - although YAY for good chiropractors and sweet hubby. And netflix, obvs. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! That *is* nifty :)


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