Thursday, July 17, 2014

who knew it would be so difficult to choose PAVERS?!

do you have any idea just how many brands of engineered stone there are for making patios and walkways? ok, neither do i, but i can tell you it's A LOT, and they vary considerably as to price* and availability! then you have to choose a shape, a size, a finish, a colorway**, the pattern in which you want to place them (this, i now know, is called "the bond") and any borders or trim you need to finish the design. if you managed to deduce from all of this that we are doing a bit of hardscaping around our lovely chateau, you are quite correct. if you're wondering why i'm telling you all this, i'm not really sure except it's pretty much all i've thought about this week, so please bear with me. hey, i know, want to see some ICAD's?! :)

043: like a dream
your basic magazine/book collage, but kinda fun, right?

044: watercolor leaves
still experimenting with paints and markers; still quite clearly in love with alisa burke!

045: strips and circles
remember the stitched circles card from the other day? behold: the leftovers!!!

046: jane maxwell-ish... again!
what can i say? i♥ silhouettes and funky backgrounds. and PINK! :)

*when i say "vary" i mean that they  range from expensive... to REALLY expensive... yikes! :0

**if you ever embark on such a project be sure to drive however far you have to in order to find a dealer who has samples arrayed outdoors, so that you can see what they really look like. because i assure you, you really cannot tell at all from photos in a catalog or even three little stones in a showroom! tip for the day, darlings! you're welcome, lol. ♥


  1. still loving your take on Jane Maxwell. Good luck with the paver decision.

  2. Nice cards! Good luck with the pavers.

  3. These are all amazing!
    Can't wait to see the finished paver project:)

  4. Good luck with the pavers! Love your cards, esp the ballerina!

  5. Been loving your icads! I especially like the first one of this bunch.


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