Tuesday, July 15, 2014

can't get enough?

this week at shopping our stash we're celebrating artistic addiction. intrigued??! then i'll tell you that this week's challenge is called, "i can't put it down" and what we want to see are projects using whatever it is that you're using tons of lately. so you've pretty much got carte blanche to do what you like; just be sure to tell us what element is your current obsession; whether it's a fabulous new (or old!) product, a beloved tool, a favorite technique or... whatever! at the moment i'm hooked on sketching my own fanciful flowers, (a la alisa burke) painting them with watercolors, and adding detail with markers or (as in this case) with lots and lots (and lots!) of machine stitching.

how much stitching is there? well, i put a completely full bobbin of thread in the machine when i sat down, and it ran out as i was doing the outline around edge of the painted panel which attaches it to the card. so there's a pretty lot, lol. here's a closeup which shows a little more detail:

i've made a few of these on index cards during ICAD, and even more in my journal. but it turns out they are even more fun to do when you use proper watercolor paper! ok, admittedly, that's a pretty obvious observation, isn't it? (duh, lauren!) see, it's not that i didn't realize it WOULD be better, i just had no idea how much better. so now i'm even more hooked. i'm afraid there's every chance you'll be sick of flowers by the end of summer. sorry in advance for that, darlings! :)

the gallery of design team creations at SOS is particularly colorful and inspiring this week, so be sure to check it out! ♥♥♥


  1. That is a lot of thread! Pretty colors! Nice theme at SOS too.

  2. O.M.G. I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I. Love. It. It's totally and completely amazing. And stunning. And brilliant. I just had a two minute pause from typing this comment because I found myself staring at it. It's absolutely captivating. Did I mention I love it?

  3. ***bowing down before you ***
    You sketched AND sewed your own flowers???? Geeeez oh pete that is fantastic!!! Gorgeous card lady!!

  4. I'm with Donna and will bow down to your amazing creativity! great work Lauren, Jo x

  5. Well now I have the Michael Jackson song running through my head too, because of yer title. That's the only line I can remember though :)
    The stitching. The watercolouring. The pure-dee awesomeness - it's not possible to get sick of this kind of amazingness! LOVE the intense colours!

  6. Ooooooh, this is utterly Ah-MAZ-ing! LOVE your sketching AND your FAB stitching, I mean WOW!
    Keep 'em coming girl!

  7. A pretty lot of stitching?!?! YOU ARE INSANE, woman! IN-SANE. I loooove your hand-drawn flowers and all that stitching! You da queeen!


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