Saturday, July 5, 2014

have i mentioned how much i ♥LOVE♥ jane maxwell?

i'm sure i have; i've been lucky enough to see a few of her one-woman shows at the campton gallery in new york, and her large scale collages just totally blow my mind; especially when she combines vintage paper with really clean, modern silhouettes. why am i telling you all this? because the other night it occurred to me that i could try making something inspired by jane maxwell for one of my ICAD's... so i did:

031: inspired by jane maxwell
i found an index-card-sized lady in a magazine with a nice silhouette... stapled her to a couple of nice contrasting layers... and cut the whole thing out. then i layered her on top of punched circles covered with transparent sewing pattern to get an appropriately maxwellian background. i have to tell you that making this was soooooooooo much fun, i guarantee there will be 

032: namaste collage
if you ever make inkjet image transfers, you know that sometimes they come out well and sometimes they just don't, for no reason you can fathom. this one of pink waterlillies came off in irregular strips, so i decided to fool around with tearing some hindi newspaper bits to fill in the blank spaces. and it worked! (ok yeah, it's odd looking... but in a good way, imo!)

033: rainbow lei
here's an idea that didn't work out the way i wanted. at all. but the best part of ICAD is you can try new things every single day! (actually, if i don't produce at least a few total clunkers, i start feeling like i'm playing it way too safe. so this card makes me oddly happy!)

034: rainbow strips
conversely, this came out even better than i expected. go figure!

035: denim stapled collage
remember the card from last week with the denim panel? well, there was some extra denim! also a bit of vintage doily, a tag from japanese yarn, and some very small sequins that i painstakingly tacked into place with a small amount of gluestick and then machine stitched over. fussy to do, but i love how it looks!

if you're not checking out daisy yellow and the flickr group during ICAD, you are missing some spectacularly creative art! off you go, darlings! ♥


  1. So very cool and arty! Great work Lauren, Jo x

  2. All of them are wonderful!! Very inspiring!

  3. Wow girl! These are amazing! I am loving your rainbow colours. Love the waterlilies and your Maxwell inspired piece as well. So much fun checking all these out!
    Shanna :)

  4. These are wonderful, Lauren! Love the Jane Maxwell one, and the next one and...

  5. Wonderful! I love your attitude too!

  6. Gorgeous and artsy, unique :) incredible work !

  7. Jane Maxwell magic ... and I really love the blue bird with denim.


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