Tuesday, May 24, 2011

flowery ring-bound pixie notebook

today's project, made from this month's pixie dust paperie kit, LA DOLCE VITA is a pretty fancy little notebook i made from scratch!

i love how it looks... well heck, it's covered in sassafras "sweetly smitten" goodness, so how could i go wrong??! as for the experience of building a little book from the ground up using a tim holtz ring binder mechanism, i'd have to say my bottom line is: it was not realllllllly worth the time and engineering involved. i think i'd've saved a lot of time by starting with an ugly little blank book from the dollar store, actually, and just making cosmetic changes; and henceforth that is what i'll do! but i'm happy to have *TRIED* it once, and can now file it under "lessons learned"! :)

there's more detail and loads of photos on the pixie blog, so do feel free to hop over and see 'em! ♥

ETA tuesday morning: sorry, folks, this is embarrassing; the lovely notebook you see above is actually the featured post at PDP *tomorrow* wednesday, may 25th! i got myself a little muddled there, sorry for the confusion!!! do stop over today and see kirsty's fab card, however; and then mine is on in the morning!


  1. Sassy goodness...it's a true treasure, I can't begin to imagine how much time it took to design it...

  2. You are a star! Well taht was a given anyway and of course you crafty genius is never to be denied but oh! The Parcel Man came to my house yesterday. The divinely crazy Lauren B je t'adore.

  3. Beautiful, Lauren! Thanks for the heads up on the ring binder... I won't get involved with that one. Would like to see how you put this together. I've been getting up the courage to try something more daring.

  4. OK- I love your pretty notebook that took a ton of time. It's definitely a keeper! Darling.

  5. I totally LOVE this! It popped right out of my blog reader…

    Gorgeous project, L :)

  6. I love this. Now I will blame you because I was checking out the notepad books like this at Target the other day thinking.."I should buy one so I can alter it like Lauren did. That was so cute".

    I did not though. I knew I have not altered anything in ages and I'm still too booked up. Crazy..one day I'll get around to it. This is too cute not to!


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