Friday, May 6, 2011

JB19: the spirit of xmas past

color me happy: this week's JINGLE BELLES prompt is right up my alley! for "the spirit of christmas past" we're asking you to incorporate a vintage vibe into your holiday cards, whether that be in the form of actual antique ingredients... or new stuff with an old feel... or... well, go ahead and be a bit crazy with it; just make something that says "VINTAGE" to you!

i'm guessing that nobody will be surprised to hear i've hedged my bets and used lots of genuine vintage, while also incorporating some new stuff that has the same feeling. can you tell which is which?

(vintage bits from old ideals magazines: angel, poem, starry background; patterned paper & rose rub-ons: basic grey; diecut cardstock crown: fancy pants; ink: stewart superior; other: plain copier paper and white cardstock from staples; decorative scissors; adhesives: uhu gluestick, tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape)

ok, i know to some people, what i do with vintage books and magazines is a form of vandalism, but hear me out: i'm using things that were/are very common, and that usually are in a damaged state. these "ideals" for example, were stored in a damp basement for a number of years, and would have been sent to the recycling center if i hadn't wanted them. this is true of pretty much all my "ingredients". i am careful to look them up online to be certain they are not rare gems that someone might like to purchase and keep. when i am given items, as in this case, i tell the donors, "i am probably going to make cards out of these!" in this case my aunt and uncle, who were clearing out his mother's house after her death, were happy to hear that. miss georgia herself was very crafty and well-known to make very cool things from old christmas cards, discarded garments, and pretty much anything else she could get her hands on; this seems like a fitting tribute to her, imo! i truly love these little bits of history and feel that i am honoring and preserving such treasures by incorporating them into tiny pieces of mailable art.

on the other hand, if the idea of cutting up "originals" bothers you, then scan 'em and make copies; or buy vintage themed digi-kits; or use some of the many fabulous "vintage-inspired" products made especially for papercrafters! that, by the way, is what miss stephanie did this time, and seeing her gorgeous card is yet another reason you should really cruise on over to JINGLE BELLES right now!!! ♥


  1. Gorgeous card!! great theme this week too ... mind you I could just put me on the card ... feeling kinda vintage these days ... Have a great weekend ..

  2. Brilliant idea for a challenge and oh-so-Lauren (and Kirsty!)

    Your card is lovely. I imagine that Georgia is beaming with joy over your creations. I am anxious to peruse my stash...

  3. girlfriend if cutting up some old book helps you create stunning cards, i say.......cut away and keep making treasures to share in the present!! :)
    and yes i am a book lover, but after all it is just paper, eh? lol

  4. Oh my simply STUNNING....I had a heck of a time with this particular challenge...but that's what they are all about...getting you outside of your normal schtuff....thanks for a fun challenge!

  5. I cut up a book today! eep! I agree sometimes you just gotta and look what gorgeousness it creates!! This card is stunning. I love the different color palette and angelness of the card. Def. not your typical Christmas card. Love it! I just did the challenge too. :)

  6. Oh my, I haven't got time to go in my craft room yet.. I better do it today!
    By the way, this is just my type of christmas card! : )


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