Sunday, May 1, 2011

torn and layered diecut trees tutorial

these are SUPER-easy, and and totally fun to make! i suppose you could use the same technique with other dies, as well, i might have to have a little essperiment with that later! but for now, here come the ♥TREES♥:

1. cut a cardstock base

just slightly larger than your die; mine is sizzix's "tree #2" which measures about 5x3.5". btw, if you'd like any of your layers of green "foliage" to have stamping or typing on them, you should do that now before you start the tearing process.

2. randomly layer strips of torn cardstock

this is a great way to use up scraps. i am partial to core'dinations, myself, because you get two colors for the price of one. don't be afraid to throw some blue-uish, white or grey tones in; the contrast is very cool. do try to get some different angles as you tear and layer... this will add to the look of swoopy "branches" in your finished trees!

3. sew your snow!

i went back and forth across the torn part of each layer with white thread, to accentuate the color variations. don't worry about being neat... it actually looks COOLER the more wonkily your perform this step! ;) also, don't bother cutting the thread at each level, just sew up the edge--that bit will be lost when you diecut anyway!

4. diecut your trees

this is totally straightforward, the only thing i'd add is that it's nice to cut some trees with your layers face up on the die, and some face down, just to get a very slight variety in the shape of your trees. also, if you have any layered scraps at the end, place them at the top end of the tree die and cut again... even if they are only an inch or two long, you can get some "mini trees" to place off in the distance. (this is how i got the smaller trees on my card!)

5. brush on more "snow"!

i swiped some watered down gesso along the torn edges of my layers to get even more contrast and color tones. you could use unwatered gesso for a more dramatic look, or watery acryllic paint (or chalk or ink); and stickles or glitter is ALWAYS a nice addition, as my friend judy will tell you!!! :)

6. show off!!!

try to finish these early enough in the evening that someone is still awake to admire your cleverness. try to blush modestly when praised for your genius... you can thank me later! :)

7. now go forth...

...and make some FAB♥U♥LOUS christmas cards!

(then c'mon over to jingle belles each friday where we'll do it all again!!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing this technique for your great card from last week! ;-)

  2. I wondered how you did these trees! WAY COOL!!! and thanks for the shout out! Your right!

    going to have to give this a try!!

    Your Glittery sidekick!!!

  3. Hello my long lost friend!
    (entirely my fault, btw!)
    I just had to comment on these fabulous trees. They are going in my list of favs :)
    Thanks for sharing your incredible awesomeness once again!

  4. woot your tut especially because I love those trees! Thanks sooo much for sharing!

  5. I've got to try this... thanks so much for the tutorial, Sweet Lady!

  6. This is a fabulous tutorial... and IDEA! I love it! Will have to remember this (oh... gonna put a PIN in it!)

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Those trees are so FAB!

  8. Super cool tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  9. Great tut!! I am absolutely in love with this color combo. I might have to do a card in this color combo too just so I can put it together. I love it. Amazing!!

  10. You are the fabulous one, my dear! Thanks for the tutorial; I will have to get out that sewing machine!!!

  11. YOU...are freakin' brilliant! God, I love this. And you. ♥

  12. Damn, girl! Now I *want* to get that stupid sewing machine working! Ack! Where will I find the TIME??

  13. Just stopping by from jingle belles, as I wanted to say FANTASTIC card and then I found your tutorial too!
    AWESOME! hugs Samantha :0)


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