Sunday, May 8, 2011

now we know what they do AFTER easter! :)

rejoice with me, darlings!

the great hard drive migration has been accomplished with only minimal inconvenience! after last week's tech scramble, in which my computer's hard-drive was polite enough to inform me in advance that it was going to fail... (though sadly, NOT polite enough just to keep working!) ...i did everything i could think of to back up my system and files and prepare to switch over, and then held my breath and hoped that the thing would last until friday when lovely husband jeff was coming home after a two week absence.

because OF COURSE jeff wasn't here when the whole brouhaha occurred; nothing EVER breaks when jeff is here--i'm pretty sure all of our electronics and most of the small appliances are afraid of him! except the toaster oven, which foolishly fears no one and burns or undercooks EVERYTHING according to some mysterious agenda of its own. i shall have the last laugh there, however--i've got a kohl's coupon and i'm not afraid to use it! :)

but i digress...

jeff came home, we went to best buy and bought a 1TB (that's one TERRABYTE!!!) hard drive, we had a delicious indian lunch at the restaurant near the best buy, and then we swapped out the old for the new with a lot less trouble than either of us expected. i did lose almost all my email... even though i backed it up in TWO PLACES. i lost my screensaver... of which i was thoroughly tired anyway. i saved my IE bookmarks in the wrong format, and had quite a frustrating time until i discovered you can manually DRAG those folders into the "organize favorites" pane. i still cannot get the new version of IE to display correctly in large format on my widescreen monitor. but other than that things are quite lovely in the tech department of the laurniverse!

can i get a "WAHEY"??!?!


*i apologize for putting that song in your head for all eternity, if it's any consolation, i've also put it in MY HEAD for all eternity. "oh ohh-oh OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (karate chop!) (etc!) :0


  1. LOL that is f funny pic!!!

    FYI: never i repeat never let jeff go out of town again!! ;)

    so glad you got it all fixed, working on hubby to get an "external hard drive thingy" of course he loves "techie" things so won't have to twist his arm! lol

  2. LOOOOOOOOOVE that pic! I'm still laughing and smiling!

  3. haha great pic. Congrats on your new hard drive that does not have the bad omen of being a replacement to a loss. Nice! A Terrabyte?? DO YOU KNOW how many digital kits you can buy now? hehe. I bought a butt load this weekend, being NSD weekend. I've been working on backing up 2010 then 2011 next. Yes I'm that behind. Its like asking my computer to punch me in the gut. Working on it!! :)

  4. LOL, you are cracking me up.... now I got the song stuck in my head!!

  5. Hmm, I'll see your karate chop and raise you
    Dancing Queen!
    (ooooh she is the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeeeeen)


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