Thursday, May 26, 2011

if blogger's being run by CATS... essplains *EVERYTHING*!!!

i don't know if you're having the same problem, but over the last few days i have intermittently been unable to leave comments on blogger posts with word verification. what happens is: i type my comment, the form insists i need to SIGN IN (even though i know i've already done so b/c i've edited m'blog!) but i sign in again, (successfully, they assure me!) and go back to the comment, and AGAIN it asks me to sign in!!!

duuuuuuuude! how SIGNED in do you want me to be??!?!

once again i reiterate my appreciation of, and respect for, blogger. it's FREE for pete's sake!!! it gets more features every year... and STAYS free! it almost always works so seamlessly that i take it for granted. obviously, it's the height of bad manners to criticize a *gift*, but then something as goofy as this happens, and after a couple of days, i get frustrated, and start to whine. things we can learn from this post:

1. lauren is as spoiled as any other 21st century american, which is saying something!

2. it is wise not to leave things until the last minute, to back up one's posts and ideas, and have a "plan b" for when technical issues happen.

3. word verification is occasionally more trouble than it's worth.

4. the LOLcats can provide one with an illustration to cover pretty much ANY situation! :) it's not ALL bad news then, eh?!

♥happy thursday, darlings♥!


  1. Sad thing isn't just blogs with word's been happening on my blog and I don't use that nasty word verification {whole different topic from queen of blurfing here..HA}. I did find out that it is a known blogger problem and "they're fixing it"'s the ole "check is in the mail"....LOL...I know, I's free:)

  2. I've been having the same problem on my PC/laptop with blogs with wv, but not any when I am on the Mac.

    Thanks for the LOL cats :)

  3. It's frustrating to say the least!
    But as you say it is free!! LOL
    xoxo Sioux

  4. Yes, I too spent an irritating four hours, thinking it was my computer or my blogger acct. Wrong it is some of the blogger blogs! Don't know what the issue is but it is irritating everyone. It makes commenting on lots of blogs a longer process! My cats are more well behaved however and anything that makes me cry, makes them unhappy as well! Have a better day inspite of blogger! Hey Lauren, I can use blogger on your blog, I'm actually signed in here!!!!

  5. I just checked, and I've had my WV turned off for a while. So WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY COMMENTS?!?!??!?! No one loves me any more.

    And yes, Blogger is FREE and I love it. No whining from ME! :)

  6. Aaaaah yes ... the inherent 'don't give a crap' attitude of The Cat. It really can't be beaten.

    I thought it was only me that Blogger has hated over the last few months, I feel a bit sad that my paranoia is not mine alone ;-)

    Perhaps Lolcats is the new Gospel? Oo! I could be onto something there - Basemant Cats, Ceiling Cats, universal truths. Oh it really is all there!

  7. Just knew that feline's had to be involved! Don't know if this will help you Lauren but I deleted cookies via internet options on the control panel. Then I unchecked the sign in box where it says 'stay signed in'. Seems to have done the trick, Jo x

  8. Love it!! ... This is when Philosophy tells us to take a pause ... and be content (easier said than done sometime huh?)

  9. I'm totally spoiled and have been hating life not being able to post and or comment on blogs because of blogger. I know its free...but it was starting to make typepad look like a steal. I just can't do it though. Free is free. I'll be grateful. :O)


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