Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PDP-happy stitching tutorial

i must admit to being pretty happy with today's pixie card, made with the treasures of may's kit, LA DOLCE VITA! my favorite part is the hand-stitched "HAPPY"... or maybe the grungy flowers... or possibly the combination of papers from sassafras, pink paislee, glitz, etc.? ok, i guess i have a lot of favorite parts!

but the favorite part i'm going to explain to you step-by-step is the hand-stitched "HAPPY" because it was soooooooo easy to do, and i think you might like to try it, too! (don't worry, you DO NOT need excellent penmanship for this... we're gonna CHEAT!) :)

1. choose a computer font to stitch

a nice simple thin-lined one is good for this; i printed out a few choices and ultimately decided to use this one called "susie's hand", because i like it'shandwritten quality.

2. position the greeting

i cut around the printed word and moved it around on my card until i was happy with it.

3. pierce holes through the printed word

somehow a few years ago i acquired a heidi swapp "petite paper piercer" and frankly, i do not think there is a better tool for doing this. i place an old mouse mat behind my cardstock so it can lay flat while i'm working.

4. check your spacing

if the holes are too close, you can risk tearing through the paper; if they are too far apart, you wind up with something that looks like a dot-to-dot from third grade!

5. stitch the word

i almost always use an embroidery needle, all 6 strands of DMC floss, and backstitch, for a nice thick raised look and a neat reverse side, but there are a zillion ways to do this! the most important thing is to remember that cardstock isn't flexible like fabric is, so you need to take care not to rip or bend your card.

i hope you've enjoyed this mini tutorial and that stitching a custom sentiment will make you as "HAPPY" as it does me! :)


  1. Wow, that stitched 'happy' looks fantastic and your step-by-step instructions are great. I can't wait to try this myself. TFS ;-)

  2. Fabulous card Lauren .. I love the stitching ... you are right to be happy with this ... amazing!!

  3. Thanks for another great tutorial, Lauren. For one who is just learning the tricks of the trade of card making, this is a hugh asset. Your card is lovely... soft and girly... lovely!!!!

  4. sooo very springy! Love the hand stitching...thanks for the make it seem so really is a fab way to top off your card!

  5. so gorgeous! LOVE that! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  6. Best tut EVER! Now you know I am going to have to do this, right? Thanks, L! Your card is so beautiful. Please link it to BBB, k?

  7. Great tut Lauren, this looks fab!!! Jo x

  8. That is such a pretty card and so very cool tutorial, I am so going to do that......
    Thanks! : )

  9. I love your tutorials. And I find it amazing that ANYONE has the patience to stitch this much on ONE CARD.

    Lazy Arse

  10. Great tutorial! I'd love to try that. And your card is wonderful!

    Outi x

  11. of course you are happy with this beauty :) love all the flowers and will give the stitching a try, i do love to do "dot-to-dots" lol

  12. Lovely card; and I agree that little tool is perfect for this. I really like mine too.

  13. Fabulous!!! as one in possession of one of your stitched creations i'm thrilled to find out exactly how you made it :)

  14. Fantastic! I love this idea... especially since it could work with so many fonts!

  15. super cool idea!!! you could even keep the word to use again... if you were happy with the spacing etc!!! I am sssssoooooo impressed beautiful and again....
    no glitter??? hhhmmmmm
    bee-u-ti-ful IMHO!!!

  16. It's GORGEOUS!!! I love it, and the tutorial is the best! THANKS for sharing this technique ♥ LOVE stitching on cards, and this really makes it. These colors are beautiful. Must give this a try.

  17. Lauren, loved it so much I created a birthday card for my grandson, and am featuring it on BettyBee's Buzz, with a shout out to this tutorial! Love it!! Thanks again!

  18. Thank you for such a gorgeous tutorial! it's really useful!
    With best wishes,


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