Thursday, May 19, 2011

you know you're feeling better...

...when you start wondering if anyone's ever actually *DIED* of boredom! :)
thankfully my neck is calming down; the chiropractor helped A LOT, and will no doubt help even more when i go back tomorrow night. i can now hold my head up unsupported, and move it at least a little bit in every direction. WOOHOO!
but yeah, it's been a slow week in these parts. the other night i waited with great anticipation for jeff to get home from work so we could undertake the highlight of my day: a trip to the grocery store!!! (yes, seriously, that was the most exciting thing i've done all week!)
last night jeff made this luscious chicken peach and gorgonzola pizza from cooking light magazine:

we also got our first strawberries of the season, though, truthfully it's a bit too early and they needed sugar and whipped cream to be tasty.

other stuff i've done this week: watched ARTLAND, usa on the ovation channel; used my digistuffs to make address labels; re-watched both india with sanjeev bhaskar and michael woods' the story of india (whilst fighting serious indian food cravings!); ordered one of these in an effort to tame my die-storage issues:

i've also played waaaaaaaaay too many games on my phone; read not nearly enough of graham robb's excellent parisians: an adventure history of paris; polished my afternoon napping skills to olympian levels; and watched out the window while it rained... and rained... and raaaaaaaaaaained all week!

i did also make three cards this week... slowly and intermittently: one for the awesome new JINGLE BELLES prompt that debuts tomorrow; one for the pixie dust sketch challenge that starts on saturday, and one for a special surprise next week.

so what've you been up to, darlings??!


  1. Glad you are a bit better. LHJ makes the prettiest entrees. I'm sure they are delicious too. Love your new storage for the dies; that looks like a nice one. I hope it arrives soon. Love the cheezburger pic :)

  2. Happy to hear you're doing a bit better. Laying around is a bummer!
    Getting ready for my son's wedding Saturday... madness abounds at our house. Everywhere you look is some item that can't possibly be for anything other than a wedding. The reason... our son lives in his townhouse... his fiancee lives with us. The best thing that ever happened to us... I LOVE this girl. We are so blessed.
    Take care and feel better!!! Hugs!

  3. Soooo happy that your neck is feeling better!!! Dude, that pizza looks delish!!!

  4. I'm delighted you are feeling like yourself again!

    That pizza looks amazing - was it sweet/savory or a little of each?
    (and since it is CL, you know it's good for you, which means I'd probably eat the whole thing).

    Anytime you want a delicious chicken tikka recipe that is do-able at home, just let me know. That's my husband's forte, I just get to enjoy the results!

  5. ~♥~ That Pizza looks like heaven... Thank you for leaving the link to the instruction on how to make it. Of course very happy that you are now feeling better....


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