Saturday, April 30, 2011

...or maybe tomorrow...

...will be a better day for the "torn trees tutorial"!

as it turns out, i've spent a big chunk of today backing up files and researching how to replace a hard-drive, because apparently, mine is on the verge of failing. nice of it to do whatever diagnosical things it did in order to tell me, though, right?! seeing as how i actually hadn't backed up everything super-recently and would have lost a few precious things. three cheers for an external hard-drive that's so easy to use even *I* could figure it out, which has an "automatic" feature i have now engaged. if it's been a while, perhaps *YOU'D* like to spend a little time making sure your system is hunky dory too? just in case??

and then let's all go read some LOLcats!!! ♥


  1. Oh my, hope everything is fine! you know what, I think that one on top kind of look suspicious, even they claimed that they "did''t touch it", but hmm.... from "the eyes", I kind of can tell he is guilty one.....

  2. I am glad you had a warning, but sorry you have to spend time on this when you could be playing with paper :)

    I always enjoy your LOLcats and haz cheezeburger posts!

  3. YAY for early warning systems! In my own case, I managed to fill up my hard drive, and my computer complained LOUDLY. I, too, purchased a handy external hard drive and off-loaded all SORTS of cra ... er, files and folders.

    I am still way over my limit, though. I suppose I should do a real back-up before this thing dies completely.

  4. so glad you were prompted to do this!!
    can't remember the last time i backed up anything! better get hubby on that soon *he is better than i on the pc!):) thanks for the reminder!

  5. Oh NO! Good thing you were able to get backed up before you lost everything! I came home to a dead computer/hard drive last fall, and though I had backed up recently (so I didn't lose TOO many photos/info....) I still was out a computer for over a week **GASP** Good luck getting it all figured out. Too bad, I hope to see your tutorial soon:)

  6. I'm so glad you got to back up your goodies....when my hd crashed i lost so i'm a backing up fool...LOL.
    love those lolcats :)

  7. I had a scare yesterday and thats what I'm doing now too. I hate that!


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