Saturday, September 26, 2009

au revoir et adieu, mon petite sketchfest

can you believe an entire week has passed already in the whirlwind of color and pattern and fabulous inspiration we CAARDVARKS were pleased and proud to call SKETCHFEST?! what on earth will we do now??!?! i think the amazing heidi van laar should just show up EVERY DAY with a sketch for us, don't you? i wouldn't mind if she also told me what to wear to work, and perhaps gave ideas for a nutritious dinner; in fact, i'd hasten to do her bidding! :) but until i can swing's a final, fabulous sketch:

it's nice, dontcha think? and super-flexible, as well. i think we'll see some AMAZING creations based on this baby, and i can't wait to get surfing around to them all. but in the meantime, here is my card:

it's got the last of that fun making memories decorative masking tape on it...mmmmmmmm...i ♥LOVE♥ that stuff! it inspired me to want to put a hibiscus on the card, actually. i was briefly hampered by the fact that i cannot draw...until i remembered that i had some rather fab heidi swapp hibiscus ghost shapes, that is! i traced one of those babies onto the orangey red paper from the kit, went crazy with some ink pads and glitter glue and i was a happy hibiscus-based camper! i used a 3" punch for my circle and cut the "hi" from a bit of "great escape" patterned paper which originally read, "hit the road" and that was the end of another fun challenge!


i was putting away all the leftover bits of the kit and realized i had not used even one of the little decorative pins...OR...the fun custom rubber stamp which says, "just be"! well, that just seemed SO WRONG...and since i still had a bunch of paper scraps, and loads of thickers, and the masking tape flourishes i used to illustrate the technique from my first card of this event, i figured i should make just one more. so i did:

the heart is yet another piece of fancy pants chipboard that i used as a template...the butterflies were made with my trust martha punch...and the kraft cardstock is from hobby lobby.

now THAT really is the last of my sketchfest cards, which is perfect timing because i'm dying to get out there and see what everyone else has made!!! ♥


  1. Wow~~~~ I thought your hibiscus card was fabulous, but your pins/butterfly card is stunning as well!!
    THANK YOU for all the great inspirations!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful color combination in the last one.Thankyou for sharing.


  3. I love all the cards you dis for Sketchfest, thanks so much for the inspiration. I had an absolute ball taking part, sad its over :(, atleast this means I can get some sleep now.

  4. Wow your cards are just gorgeous!! I love them both. I am also a little sad to see this week's Caardvark challenge is over :(.

  5. Have loved checking out all your cards this week Lauren, and your final one is another mini masterpiece. You rock girl. x

  6. I love both of those cards, but the bottom one is my fave of the two. I think it's those pins. Or maybe it's that heart...

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind words of encouragement throughout Sketchfest.

    So, where in Central NJ are you? I'm in Union County.

  7. Love the LEFTOVERS card! Very cool. Love that fun custom stamp too. Those little flags are the business! I need to check out these Studio kits!

  8. Bonjour Lauren
    Moi aussi, je suis bouleversée c'est fini!!

    LoL It was so much fun and your cards are absolutely fantastic i love how you interpret layouts and the detailing - your cards are gorgeous
    love tasha xx

  9. Bonjour Lauren
    Moi aussi, je suis bouleversée c'est fini!!

    LoL It was so much fun and your cards are absolutely fantastic i love how you interpret layouts and the detailing - your cards are gorgeous
    love tasha xx

  10. FABBIE cards sista!!!!! You rocked those sketches all week!

  11. Loved all your card this week, Lauren! Anna and I especially loved the buterfly one!!!
    Sad it's over, and loved the Heidi comments! ;)

  12. Girlfriend, send your mojo my way. I need some one-on-one tutoring on these techniques; one day I will show up on your doorstep :) That flower looks amazing and the cute little flag pins and sentiment are terrific. You are so clever to add "yourself"; perfect!

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