Monday, September 21, 2009

sketchfest, day two!*

are you having fun yet??! because i sure am! i have to say that this might well be my very favorite CAARDVARKS event ever! i loooooooooove heidi's sketches, i LOVE the studio calico kit we were given to make our cards, and i especially love seeing all the different & brilliantly original interpretations our readers devise for their own creations!

but enough intro, let's get to the sketch!

isn't it excellent?! well no duh, i mean it's another heidi van laar design, and she only does FABULOUS!!! i am fairly happy with my card, too, as a matter of fact:

(all materials are from studio calico's "director's cut" add-on kit; sadly it has sold out so i don't have a link or photo to show you; it's amongst the sketchfest prizes, though, so get over to 'varks and post your own card for a shot at one!)

i'm rather proud of having used some bits of *packaging* on this one: the panel with the compass and the word "travel" come from the making memories tiny words stickers; the word "love" and the row of tiny hearts come from the studio calico packing card; and the scalloppy orange border is the negative bit from cutting out a cute shape from a pack of decorative pins!

for the heart shape i used a piece of fancy pants chipboard as a template on a piece of scrap cardstock, and filled in the shape using the tiny "great escape" wordfetti stickers. (this is very similar to how i used the decorative tape to make yesterday's flourishes; see a mini-tutorial here.) the rest is just regular supplies from the kit, it had a very nice selection of travel-themed items, but you will see from the rest of my cards (& the other gorgeous dt examples!) that they're adaptable to all sorts of other themes!

i have to say that one of the main things i learned from working with this fun selection of products is i really, REALLY like decorative masking tape (♥♥♥!) and i can completely understand how people get utterly addicted to collecting it!!! it's just lucky i don't have any OCD tendencies, then, eh??! ;)

more tomorrow, but in the meantime:

*because some days i ROCK at thinkin' up creative blogpost titles...and some days...not-so-much. guess which one *today* was??! (sorry!) :)


  1. Such thee fun card gals over at Caardvarks have sure been busy these last couple of it!

  2. YES! I am having fun so far. Heidi has created fab sketches so far and I can't wait to see what she has in store for tomorrow.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog recently..I laughed out loud when you typed that maybe you should start sitting on some plaid :) You are so fun, girl!

  3. Hi Miss Lauren Your card is `Amazingly` Gooooorgeous just like you!!!!I got sooooo much catching up to do!!!!
    Hope you and yours are well darlings!!!
    Oh Heidi is so damned talented I love her too...Have a fab week:)xxxTFS:)xxx

  4. Hi Lauren, thanks for commenting on my card. I'm having great fun with this challenge. Can't wait for day 3 now!!

  5. When I first looked at these I didn't even catch your ultra-creative use of those word stickers ... fabo my dear ... fabo.

  6. Wordfetti stickers are great for out-of-the-box uses of them. I love the way you used them!

    I also love that you used some of the packaging! Recycling at its very finest.

    Great card.


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