Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wednesday: after tuesday...before thursday...

...but equally
(yes, yes, i know, titles are not my strong suit at the moment.
IOU some snappy nomenclature next week, for sure!)

nonetheless today IS equally sketchfesty...and to prove it, here's another massively cool heidi van laar scheme from which we can make our next lot of fabulous cards:

one of the things i liked about working with the wonderful studio calico add-on kit, "director's cut" is that it gave me a chance to try out supplies i would probably *not* have chosen on my own. these little yellow bicycle journaling cards, for instance, are VERY cool...but if they hadn't just ARRIVED in the kit, i don't think i'd've sought them out. which would've been a shame, really, because i like the result of grouping them together!

you can see i've used super-duper-thin black mats on *everything* again...i apologize if you're getting sick of them, but having stumbled upon this technique when i made the cupcake gift-set for jeff's mom recently, i just love how it sets multiple layers apart from each other while having a cleaner look than inking or outlining. the sunburst medallion is cut from one of the pieces of making memories' "great escape" patterned paper that came in the kit, the hearts were more chipboard pieces i traced onto patterned paper, and i used part of the shaped bit of the diecut background paper as a sort of pediment at the top of my card. a few minutes with the manual typewriter and a couple of aqua thickers later, i had a sort of fun & funky "guy" birthday card to replenish my stocks.

i hope you are enjoying sketchfest as much as we CAARDVARKS are! it certainly seems as if people are having fun, we've had RECORD numbers of cards so far, which is *AWESOME* if a bit daunting!!! back tomorrow with more sketchy goodness!


  1. Wowsers!! This card is awesome. I love that technique you are doing. very cool. I wish I had more time this week to do some cards to participate with you all. Boo! :(

  2. LOVE this sista....the shape is ultra coolio!!!

  3. Funky card . I love that technique with the black mats.


  4. Yes, these don't look like Lauren-y supplies, but you made it very Lauren-y. I am having a blast with these sketches, but I can't imagine the work involved for your DT! I wish I could participate in all of them, but I am going to NY for the weekend :)

  5. Just wanted to thank you for the nice comments you left on my blog. Your cards have been absolutely amazing and such fun!

  6. Wow. I really love how you put this one together. I love the black mats, those journaling cards, and I adore the shape of the card. Very cool!


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