Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a very happy♥happy mail day!

so i came home last night from a truly *AWFUL* day at work, and guess what was waiting in my mailbox to cheer me up bigtime??! ok, you'll never guess so i'll just show you... it was this amazing piece of stamped art from my lovely blogging friend mari!!!

i found mari's blog, m'ija stamps when she sent in a card for a caardvarks challenge last spring. i don't think anyone else even got a comment that day because i spent the rest of the morning scrolling ever downwards and drooling over one masterpiece after another! 'cause holy moly m'ija does indeed stamp! and color...and do realllllllllllllly awesome fancy things with ink and glitter and sparkly stuff!!!

there is a description in this post of how she made the amazing card above. i only really understood the beginning part, where the image was stamped and colored with prismacolor pencils...and i assume that at some point there was a magic wand involved...but if you're a TRUE STAMPER you will love the fact that mari shares all of her cool techniques and tricks! even if you're a bit remedial like me, you'll still love that she is fun and funny and mega-talented and leaves really fabulous blog comments! :)

but wait, there was MORE in that envelope! knowing me to be a "technique-free zone" (who nonetheless covets the amazing looks she achieves with her stamply wiles) mari sent me a bunch of "bits and bobs" with which to enhance my own cards!

thank you thank you thank you miss mari, i absolutely ♥ADORE♥ everything (i am hanging maribel on the "treasure wall" above my desk!) and you could not possibly have chosen a better day for morale-boosting purposes!!! ♥♥♥


the *BEST* part of blogging is the comments, dontcha think? thanks for taking time to leave one! ~♥~