Tuesday, September 22, 2009

if it's tuesday, it must be SKETCHFEST!!!

this week has been a BLAST so far! i cannot *believe* how many entries we have had already at CAARDVARKS for the first two studio calico sketch cards! it's hard to keep up with the comments...but i'm PSYCHED to see so many awesome cards!!!

moving on to today's sketch...which is wonderful, naturally, being a heidi van laar original:

i don't think i've *QUITE* done this one justice, but i did my best. of course it doesn't help that i could not get a good picture of it for anything! ah well. here it is anyway:

i've used the "little stickers on a shape" trick again, this time it's an arrow. i cut the letters from the making memories paper in the kit, and used two of the little yellow bicycle journaling cards. you can't really see it in the main photo, but here's a closeup that shows the "moods" on the round card...i've circled "happy" since it's a birthday card, and then down on the date card i've circled my cousin tom's birthday.

and that's about it for today, i'll be back tomorrow with the midpoint of sketchfest! and i can't wait to see all the cards in the gallery!


  1. wooo hooo....such a happy card sista...love it!

  2. Yours was my fave over a the 'Varks today...in my completely unbiased opinion! I so admire your trendy fun funky style. I wish I could do what you do!!!

  3. I love your card! I really like how you used the letters and arrow-super crafty!

  4. Thanks for your comment!! :) It's greatly appreciated!!!! :)

  5. Fun card. I love the arrow. I bet your cousin loves it!


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