Thursday, September 3, 2009

52Q: 35 (goddess)

and now here is one of my very favorite 52Q's ever! in fact it may well be my ABSOLUTE favorite for the entire year, but i s'pose i'll have to wait till december to know for sure. for now, without further ado, may i present...

question 35: what kind of goddess am i?

(materials: indian princess cut from a magazine, bits of a hindi newspaper, making memories journalling card & rub-ons, anahata katkin clipart circle, heidi swapp ghost clock & pink bling circle, prima flowers, autumn leaves brad, colorbox inks,
uhu gluestick, manual typewriter)

answer, "i am the goddess of embellishment: ye shall know my presence by the rhinestones you find under the couch, by the sticker you find days later adhered to the seat of your jeans, by the small metal brad you find with your bare foot, and by the tiny microscopic particles of glitter you find...well...pretty much EVERYWHERE! (sorry about that!)"


  1. I prostrate myself before you Goddess. At least now I know to whom I should direct CK when he complains about glitter sparkling in his hair during whizzy business meetings.

  2. Ah yes, you once posted a conversation about glitter on your face :)

    You are the undisputed queen of embellies, my sweet friend!

  3. Of course you are the Goddess of Embellishment...the great and fabulous Lauren. And you know that I'm an expert on this sort of thing :) I have loved every single one of your 52Q cards and this is no exception. I don't have time today to comment on everything I've missed, but I want to say the fingers crossed card was brilliant too. Oh great ROCK!!!!

  4. LOVE it! This is so you Lauren, and you are indeed the goddess of embellies (and bling).

  5. too funny!! this is one of my faves too!!

  6. LOL - I didn't know I was experiencing your presence with all that glitter and other embellishments that appear to be always clinging to me, my table, and other items. This is my favorite too and it just made me laugh to read the description!

  7. Fabulous. But as the Goddess of Embellishments, you already knew that. I bow to your supremecy.

  8. LOL! Now that's a goddess I can relate to!

    (-: Heidi


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