Thursday, April 9, 2009

it's a re-run......a DOUBLE re-run!!!

if you've been 'round these parts for a while, you'll have realized that (perhaps foolishly) i rarely re-make an idea i've already done, and i seldom make more than one of the same card; christmas time, when i am waaaaaaaaaaaay behind and it would be a really REALLY good idea to do so!!!

but this was a bona-fido emergency (i need two guy cards & i needed them...literally...YESTERDAY!) so last night i made *TWO* more cards like this one from last january.

(materials for both cards--wow, it streamlines the writing-up process to multi-task--patterned paper: ki & bam pop; glossy cardstock: ranger; rub-on letters: american crafts; letter stickers: basic grey; cupcake sticker: martha stewart; other: colorbox inks, zig pen, 3m foam tape)

i am either getting lazy, OR... (ooh!) ...i may be evolving to a whole new level of almost diabolical common sense and efficiency! look out, martha stewart: i've got cake *AND* robots-from-space!!! :)


  1. LOL! I am sooo the same way! It drives me crazy to make the same card twice!

    These are cute enough to bear repeating though! Super fun!

    (-: Heidi

  2. Your cards are brilliant!! :) I struggle with male cards, so I'd make tons of those.

    I love your blog - so many pretty things! :)


  3. Hilarious!!!! I love your funny cards!!!!

  4. they are super cute, WHY NOT? :D

  5. Well, they're not EXACTLY the same...but I know what you mean about making the same thing twice (or more) kinda gets boring :) Not that your robots and cake cards are boring, but YKWIM.
    They're cute enough to repeat, so why not? Especially when it's an emergency.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and that the Easter bunny brings you something yummy :)

  6. Great card luv the image, i rarely make two the same apart form Christmas, but should do really if it works n looks good, have good weekend, sue.x

  7. Oh sista...why wouldn't you case are brilliant! LOVE these fabulous male cards...those are always difficult to do...most men don't take a liking to flowery pink cards...hmmm...what do they know anyways, right?!

    Happy ♥Friday♥ Missy!!!

  8. Well, they aren't identical, and mass production can be really DULL. That being said, IMO: if something is worth repeating then it should be done (especially where cake is involved or at least mentioned)!

  9. These are worthy of copying. Especially when they are fast and so CUTE.

  10. I love robots and I love these cards - and I'm new to your blog, so they are brand new to me!


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