Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jane austen* alert!

if you LOVE pride and prejudice buy this right now!!!
no, seriously.
g'head...i'll wait!

ok, ok, i s'pose you don't have to pop for the full price dvd... (though amazon's price is extremely good...better, in fact, than our distributor at the video store; i'm a bit miffed about that, actually...but i digress!) could rent it first, that'd be fine. but i do urge you to SEE IT! and let me just say that whilst i am myself quite an ardent fan of miss austen, for the most part i have not been impressed with the sequels, modern day novels, or pastiches of pride and prejudice, et al. the jane austen book club, for example. you may have noticed that at no time on this blog have i urged you to read the book or see the film. that was not an oversight.

oh and not to confuse matters, but if, a few years ago, you happened to enjoy, as i did, a very clever book of the same title ; i should probably mention that the two products have absolutely nothing to do with each other. which is a bit confusing, actually, but there ya go.

briefly the plot of the film... (which was an itv presentation a year or so ago) that amanda price, a 21st century woman obsessed with pride and prejudice generally and mr. darcy in particular, stumbles upon a portal in her bathroom... (nice touch, dontcha think?!) ...which leads into the novel. one evening miss elizabeth bennett wanders into amanda's flat, and amanda decides to take a little peek into longbourne. just for a minute. just to see. she's coming right back, of course, and anyway, even if she stayed for a bit there's no way she'd be able to mess up the plot of the world's best known and most popular romance...right??! ;)

(no, but it's good though; trust me!!!)

*sorry, there are no papercrafts in this post. there will be tomorrow, though, i promise! in fact, if you don't like jane austen at all, there is not much point in reading this post, because it really is JUST jane austen today. there are some very cute kittehs here which you might enjoy. if you're not into silly cats, here is a link to a very verrrrry cool art journaling site! or perhaps you'd just like to marvel--and i do mean marvel--at something extremely creative we can do with our money if it turns out to keep bein' realllllllly bad at buying us much of anything. failing these alternative entertainments, perhaps you could use the extra time to catch up on your email this morning? :)


  1. You slay me! LOL! I have read not just one, but TWO P&P sequels: Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife (pretty hot & heavy, if you like that sort of thing, plus a lot of Mr. Wickham - said with a sneer - thrown in for good measure; followed by Darcy & Elizabeth (I think). They are both in my 'to give away' pile, so if you'd like them, they are yours! Just say the word!

  2. Oooh, I am a great lover the the Austen m'self! I am off to add said movie to my list of things to watch!

    (-: Heidi

  3. I am such a bad, bad friend...I should have told you about this ages ago. I watched this last year as I got it from a friend who got it in the UK. I loved it sooooooooo much and in turn shared it with Mad, who also loved it. It was on TV here a few weeks back and I told all my Austen loving friends to watch it then.
    I have not seen the jane austen book club or any read any modern novels etc. I like Miss Austen just the way she is thank you very much. But my friend swore that I would love this and surprisingly enough I did. It probably helped that Mr Darcy in this version is rather fine IMHO (even better than Colin Firth)....LOL. I thought the story line was clever and funny, in the same way that Miss Austen herself is funny.
    Oh oh oh....were you totally surprised by Mrs Bennet??? Seriously, I laughed til I cried and I think that might be my favourite part of the movie. So to anyone else who loves Jane Austen and actually reads other people's comments...I second's seriously good and you will love it...promise!!!!

  4. This sounds like something fun to watch!


  5. I agree!!! Sooooo good. Loved it. Loved it! Loved it! And mmmmnnn that Mr Darcy was a bit fine. Indeed.

  6. I Looooove Pride and Prejudice so this is definitely going on my list.


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