Thursday, January 3, 2008

take me to your...*BAKER*! :)

is it just me or are "guy cards" harder to make than "girl cards"??! naaaaaaaah, i think they really ARE more difficult, especially if you are an embellishment junkie like me: afterall, there are seemingly infinite ways to smother a "girl card" with flowers and rhinestones (to which i say "HOORAY!") but for guys you need an actual idea... (lol!) ...and since i don't "do" mushy, for me that generally means a joke of some kind. anyway, i am fairly proud of this one since it came together quite quickly AND looked very much like the picture in my head.
(i just *love* when that happens!)

(patterned paper: bam pop, scrapbook wizard; glossy cardstock: ranger; alphas: autumn leaves (rubs); basic grey (stickers); other: sakura glimmer pen, zig writer, colorbox inks, foam tape)


  1. Brilliant card, those robots are fab

  2. Happy New Year!
    May you continue making such gorgeous cards this year too!
    I wanna eat cake...I need to run down to the bakery!

  3. ohhhh' you are so right...male cards do seem to be harder to create! You have a wonderful style!

    I am fairly new to the blogging world and I recently asked my readers to recommend a blog that I can check out. Many of them listed friend's and others chose blogs that inspires them and your blog was put forward. I would like to invite you to come visit my blog, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a sweet RAK. I am so glad that I was informed about your blog. Hope you will come play :) Kim Hughes

  4. Guy cards really are a struggle for me, I love yours, it's so much fun!

  5. How fun! And cake? Uh...YEAH! ;^)

  6. i was nodding thinking yeah... guy cards are the hardest ... and then i scrolled down and you came up with an absolutely A-dorable card - HOW DO YOU DO THIS???? lol... this is so stinkin cute. the robots are soooooooooooo cute and honey i'm always hopin there's cake!!! i love this card and i wish my brain ever thought up stuff like this or the other wonderfully creative cards you make.

  7. Stinkin' cute is right on the mark ... and what robots parachuting to earth wouldn't head straight for the cake ... hey I would ... love it!

  8. Wonderful card! You're right ... it's harder to make the guy cards, but humor always seem to go over well :) Your's is fantastic!

    Hope you had a merry and bright holiday season with your loved ones and that 2008 is starting out fabulously for you!!

  9. pink robots ... why not?!!!
    They are metrosexual LOLOLOL

  10. Well I'm definitely not a guy, but I'd love that card - it's smashing!

    I always hope there's cake too


  11. You go, Girlfriend! You make the most creative adorable fabulous cards. I love your unique style. This is why when I don't have time to blog or check blogs, I at least have to stop by your blog and Tracy's (of course).

    Oh, and if I'm ever travelling up to NJ, I'm bringing you a chocolate tea cake :)


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