Monday, April 6, 2009


one of my own informal "rules" for undertaking CAARDVARKS design team assignments is that i really really don't like to go out and buy anything specifically for a particular theme. because it's not like i don't have ENOUGH STUFF...and to me, part of the challenge is figuring out how to make what i've got work in new and interesting ways.

however, on this occasion, before i was halfway through making maddie's princess giftbag for the current FANTASY challenge, i had lit upon the idea of making A WAND, and quite quickly i realized i didn't have anything from which to make one. of course, if *I* had had a wand, i could have magicked up the stuff to make a wand. (is that even legal??!) but since i didn't, i went to michaels, where for just a few dollars i was able to gather the necessary materials... (a small dowel & a papier mache star) ...which i could glue together and paint. ...BUT the kids' crafts aisle, i saw pre-made foam-n-plastic princess wands for 99 cents! the moral of this story: sometimes it actually saves you time, to dawdle aimlessly in a store!!!

but before we get a-wand-ing, let's talk about the card:

i don't think there is anything particularly mysterious about this bit, but i'll tell it anyway. (as with all my stuff, if you have questions, please email or ask in the comments. i do my best to get back to everybody, however, i'm not always what you'd call *quick*!)

i knew i wanted the crowned initial to be the centerpiece, and of course i wanted the giftset to coordinate, so that narrowed my choices. i'd already painted the crown when i made the tiara for the gift bag, so that was all set. i had some lovely pink making memories sparkly chipboard letters...but they were the wrong shade, so i traced the "M" onto some old sei paper, cut it out & inked the edges. i affixed the oval rhinestone frame to some making memories patterned paper and cut that out. i had a bunch of little flowers and beads and things leftover from the bag, so i sat and moved a whole bunch of bits around until i liked them, glued everything to the silver metallic cardstock, and then trimmed it up and made a card base to fit around it.

this is how i almost always make cards: the bits first, and then the base at the end. yes, i realize this is backwards. welcome to my world!!!

having a pre-made wand SERIOUSLY streamlined the process on this part: i traced the star onto some making memories & sei patterned papers (the back of the wand has just a pink polkadot covering, but is otherwise plain) and cut out about an eighth of an inch *inside* my line, so that there would be a teeny bit of white showing all round, and no annoying trimming up to do. i outlined with a silver gel pen, inked and attached them. then i decorated the handle with a tulle bow, a silk rose, silver wired ribbon twists and a few primas, hot-gluing everything in place.

again, a lot of people would've done the handle last, but since i wanted the fluffy bits to coordinate with the bag, it was easier to do THIS first and then choose the other star parts after. (remember in school, when you took tests, they always told ya to fill in the bits you're sure of FIRST, and then go back to the other questions? well, i still do that, in lots of spheres of life. it works, i promise you!) i placed the rhinestone star on a scrap of glittery silver cardstock & cut out around it; i traced a medium-sized chipboard star onto more dotty sei paper and cut & inked that. then i popped both layers on foam tape and stuck 'em on. it looked good...but i couldn't help thinking it needed a final touch. one flower sequin and a stick-on rhinestone later, and i had a wand fit for a small blond adorable princess!!!

now all that remains is the HARDEST PART of the whole project: waiting until may 14th for princess madeline to have her birthday!!! i think it's gonna be a verrrrrrry lonnnnnnng month! :)

in the meantime, don't forget to hop on over to CAARDVARKS where you can see the new design team's take on the FANTASY challenge and get details on how *your* card could win the fabulous prize from two spotted dogs!

(materials for card & wand: undecorated white foam wand, pink tulle, silver wired ribbon, "fuzzy" eyelash trim, silk roses, single & heart-shaped rhinestones: michaels; patterned paper: sei, making memories; pink cardstock: core'dinations; silver glitter cardstock: dcwv; oval rhinestone frame: heidi swapp; rhinestone star: mambi; chipboard crown: maya road; paper flowers: prima; flower sequin: queen&co; rub-ons: creative imaginations & making memories; adhesives: 3m foam tape, uhu gluestick, tombow mono adhesive runner, judikins diamond glaze, low temp hot glue gun; ink: colorbox fluid chalk; silver gel pen; sakura; black pen: zig writer; metallic acryllic paints: folk art; other: glitter nail polish from the $ store.)


  1. This is so unbelievably adorable, gorgeous, amazing, fantastic, sensational, spectacular....mmmm, did I miss any superlatives????
    Seriously....I WANT ONE!!! I may have to go and find the bits to make my own....I could always say I was practicing for the next niece's birthday right????
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.....10 hearts for this one!!!!!

  2. Such a CUTE card and wand. Gorgeous!!!

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  4. wowza that is what I call princess pinkalicious heaven...every girl should have a wand...soooooo stinkin' fun!!!

  5. SO, are you taking orders...cause I'll take one...of each! lol! That is going to be one seriously blissed out 5 yr old!

    I, too make my cards backwards! In fact I have a box full of what I refer to as card fronts, that I have yet to fold an appropriately sized piece of cardstock for.

    (-: Heidi

  6. Wonderful creations, as always! And I see nothing wrong with either (1) wandering aimlessly in a craft store (second only to wandering aimlessly in a book store), or (2) doing things backwards. Heck, I don't even know what 'normal' is any more! Abby Normal (name that movie) is way more better any day!

  7. I should wander aimlessly! Usually I run in, use my coupon, run out. On the rare occasion that I wander trying to find something to use my coupon on, I sometimes find something I "need"...I use that term loosely :)

    BTW, YOU are AMAZING!!!

  8. wow - that is the epitome of pretty little princess - pink explosion! lovely!

  9. Pink Princess Heaven! Love it! As for wandering aimlessly - I am all for it. I have been doing it for years- oh were we talking about shopping??? I was imagining earlier (while I was reading comments) what my husband would think if I dressed in a crown and a wand - I think it might be worth a try. I sooo want to be a princess.....

  10. Another super-special princess accessory. My niece MiMi wears her tiara every day ... and I'm sure if she had this want, it would have to go everywhere too.

  11. oh my...this is so sweet! Fabulous Lauren!!!

  12. This is so cute - I agree, waiting to give it is going to be very very difficult.

  13. Oh My Miss Lauren...
    Princess Maddie ids gonna have the best Birthday ever these are flmain `gorgeous`...
    You are a `star`:)♥

  14. Amazing, loved the card then saw the wand and was sold - brilliant!!

  15. wow!! love all of these! i really like how you put the crown on top of the m... lovely!


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