Thursday, April 23, 2009

52Q: 15

and now for something completely different*

yes, it's my card for last week's 52Q!!! i made this one digitally, because i had more to say than i could comfortably fit with my handwriting...and because i felt the joke for the front needed to be done kind of graphic-design-ish-ly...and because i had some new digi-stuff i wanted to break out! yes, i do make most decisions THAT SCIENTIFICALLY, as a matter of fact. why do you ask? :)

if you're wondering, "hey lauren! how can you stand to have some of your 52Q's be physical while some just exist as files on your computer?!" i must tell you--OOF! NOOOOOO--i could *NOT* stand that...i print the digital ones out, adhere them to cards from my deck, and add them on to the 52Q ring.

question 15: what makes me me?

(software: broderbund printshop; background paper: indian summer nights by marcie reckinger; arrows: doodled shapes by vera lim; fonts: plastique,ck typewiter, stylus)

text on front reads, "fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the pope. no wait...that's not ME...that's the spanish inquisition!"

text on back reads, "...but what DOES make me *ME*?! silliness...loyalty...positive outlook...creativity...OCD tendencies...good manners...loud mouth...hyperactivity...and an almost fanatical devotion to papercrafting."

*because this line MUST BE USED when planning to reference monty python's flying circus in any way whatsoever; that is THE LAW.


  1. LOL! Love Monty Python, and I have used that line often. :-) It's FUN to do something completely different, just to mix things up a bit and keep people off-balance.

    This is a very nice 52Q, and I applaud your stick-to-it-ive-ness-ness-ness.

  2. All I can say is: You crack me up and I love you! AND I love your 52Q card :)

  3. .....because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ha ha! Good, I've had my Lauren dose for the day!

    (-: Heidi

  5. Trashalou had the line I was going to use - No one expects the Spanish Inquisition - great minds think alike!

    A fellow Monty Python lover, YAY! Reason #205 to love your blog (and I do) You have great projects!

    Okay, shameless plug - come over to Opus-Gluei ( and participate in our challenges - your work is so good and we'd love to show it off!
    We're having a major blog candy giveaway starting, great stuff (seriously).

  6. Fabbie Fabbie `Darling`...Have a loverly weekend:)♥

  7. Darn Trashy stole my line...I guess I was too slow...LOL! But that is, love, love it ♥♥♥

  8. Once again you totally amaze me. Awesome!


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