Wednesday, April 8, 2009

continuing the "pink-n-fluffy" theme:

here is another of my lolz that has been inconceivably and inconscionably ignored by both i can has cheezeburger and i has a hotdog. and this one's a goodie, see??

ok, ok, so they *MIGHT* have me on a technicality with this one: i'm fairly sure this is not an airedale. but it is very, VERY hard to tell under that bonnet*...thus i feel i should be given the benefit of the doubt! ah well. we dog-captioning humor geniuses are never REALLY understood until we're dead.

happy wednesday anyway, darlings!!!

*BONNETS...for dogs...wrong on sooooo many levels, and yet giving rise to sooooooo many questions: where does one buy dog bonnets? WHY does one buy dog bonnets?? who exactly *makes* dog bonnets? what does a dog bonnet fabricator put on their tax return under "occupation"? how exactly do they answer, when asked at cocktail parties, "...and what do you do?"??! yes, the questions are endless, but alas, my morning blog time is not! have a lovely ponder, darlings! :)


  1. I was told about your blog by a friend and I love it! The title and your posts are great. I don't know why the LOL powers that be won't let us see your creation - it made me laugh out loud and I frequent both hotdog and I can has cheezburger. Adorable!

  2. First of all, I think a better caption would be, "Grandma, what big EYES you have!"

    Second, you OBVIOUSLY are not aware of the HUMONGOUS Doggie Clothing Market. When I was a wee child, which was a loooooooong time ago, the tiny poodle across the street from us had a whole wardrobe of outfits, including a rain jacket with a hood. My current furry neighbor has boots for the winter, and a handsome sweater. The bonnet though, I agree that is just wrong, on many levels.

  3. Clearly your genius is lost on them!! LOL!

    (-: Heidi

  4. love your "about me"! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's my first Cardvaarks entry.

  5. Don't worry about those cheezeburger people honey...I think you're hilarious!!!!!!
    As for dressing up dogs...I think that's something that only small children and crazy people do (or maybe people under the influence of illicit substances...LOL) I used to torture our poor puppy like that when I was little (like 4 or 5)...dressing her up in dolls clothes and pushing her around in a dolly stroller...she was a saint that dog, she let us do it and hardly ever complained!
    Noew you've got me thinking about the doggy clothing market and both the kind of people who make that stuff and those who buy it....I AM SERIOUSLY DISTURBED!!!!

  6. Alright, you nut!
    I admit, the whole dogs/bondage thing was *ahem* slightly sick in a very endearing sort of way.
    This, though. Ugh. A bonnet seems much more disturbed than a little doggie BDSM. And PINK! What WERE they thinking?!
    (and no, I am *not* commenting on actual BDSM. Why do you ask?)
    ROFLMAO!! :D

  7. My dogs are hiding in abject horror at the thought of bonnets lol, especially pink ones

  8. You know, I'm thinking you should resend this to I Has a Hotdog with the caption "Tonight on a very special Little (Dog)House on the Prairie." I'm just sayin'


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