Monday, April 13, 2009

nothing new... show you, that is. i actually have *made* a few things, but they are deadline- or surprise-based, so i cannot post them yet. plus the last week or so has been quite heavy on the "life maintenance" ...i finished the taxes, (can you say, "last minute"?) had a lovely easter dinner with a niece and a nephew who have now surely exceeded the national guidelines on how much ♥CUTE♥ can be stuffed safely into one small person, AND (best of all) had a whole entire three-day weekend with lovely husband jeff (who's been away yet again) for the first time in nearly a month!

i did hop over to designer digitals the other day when they had a super-cool deal on some beeeeautiful digital butterfly "rub-ons"! did you know they have a special every sunday where they introduce new stuff and they make two of the $4 items just a quarter each??! if you go here you can sign up for the email which reveals the deal of the week! of course i went along and spent 25 cents on butterflies...and then it just seemed rude not to spend another $11 on one or two bits to use WITH the butterflies... :)

and of course, if one has new goodies--whether paper or pixel-based--i b'lieve it's a RULE that you must play with them aimlessly and try to make something completely pointless! (so i did!)

(software: broderbund printshop--yeah, i am *learning* photoshop bit by bit, but when i want to do layers of text and images...i am STILL just more comfortable (& a darn sight FASTER) in printshop; collage butterflies, fancy stamped background, ledger grid: katie pertiet, designer digitals; skinny calendar: 2peas freebie; distressed edge: printshop; fonts: uncle typewriter, anthology, bleeding cowboys (all freebies from either dafont or fontfreak)


  1. Oh, how pretty! I have not dipped a toe into digital yet. Like I need more stuff! Thought it would take up less room. LOL! I must play with paper and ribbon or it just does not seem right....

  2. very cool. love the fonts you used!

  3. Sweeeet! Thanks for the shopping tip!

  4. haha I almost bought these butterflies too. hehe This is gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE it, Darling!

    Here's a list of all the sites with specials on specific days.I am always on the hunt for a good deal!

    Big ListMy favs are Elemental Scraps every other Monday dollar days, Lilypad tuesday, and ScrapArtist dollar fridays.

  5. Happy Tuesday to you too! I am stuck in "life maintenance" right now....the only difference is I have not been able to craft ANYTHING. Boohoohoo :)

    Your pointless art, just like all your purpose driven art, is beautiful and fun just like YOU!

  6. nothing like a bit of *pointless* art to brighten up one's day...though i do have to say that i don't think that art should really every be called pointless...because whether there is a reason for making it or not, if it is beautiful and makes you (or me) happy then that's a good enough point as far as I'm concerned :) and ithis is absolutely beautiful and made me smile when i saw it so while it may be *pointless* it has served a purpose :)
    however, by the time i am reading this it is wednesday....make of that what you will ♥


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