Friday, April 17, 2009

52Q: 13

HOORAY for two 52Q cards in two days! i am on a roll, here! :)

question 13: what was my worst (or best?!) hairstyle experience to date?

(as you can see, i went with *BEST* lol!!!)

(class pic from sophomore year, scrapworks rub-ons, sharpie, basic grey paper on reverse)

text reads, "of course i don't suppose ms. hamill was all that thrilled about a million silly teenaged girls walking around with her hairstyle circa 1978, for that matter. to add insult to injury, it never did help my ice skating one bit, either!"

a quick note to those of you who've been following my 52Q cards since the beginning: does this pic look familiar??! holy moly, if you had asked me in january what the odds were that i would EVER use this photo for anything...much less use it TWICE in a public forum...i'd have thought you were insane. sheesh. this "art" lark is full of surprises, innit?! :)


  1. Yes, I remember this pic because I think you are adorable! I loved Dorothy Hamill and I even got to shake her hand when she came to DC with the Ice Capades. She is as sweet as she appears on t.v.

  2. I saw Dorothy Hamill twice - once at the Ice Capades in probably 1980 or so and then years later at one of those Stars on Ice shows. You may think the picture looks bad, but I think you look cute as a button!

    This is a great project!

    Rosemary of the Opus-Glueis

  3. Ah, that's not so bad...I think I burned all of the photos of me with my worst hair style...think circa 1985 bowl was a REAL shocker...have a fun idea for that page which doesn't involve a picture of me at all...LOL :)
    I think you look cute, and the thing that I notice most when I look at this pic is NOT your hair, but rather your beautiful smile :)

  4. LOL!! That pic's not bad at all! I believe I sported something once that could definitely be considered a mullet!!

  5. I had long, thick, gorgeous hair ... but my obsession with ice skating led me to likewise cut my hair like Miss Hamill ... which was not a good look for a chubby faced girl with no ice skating skills whatsoever. Thanks for the great walk down memory lane.

  6. Just perusing through your blog and being a Hamill victim I had to laugh out loud when I saw your picture with the scrapped letters. Too funny. Thanks for brightening my day!

  7. Love that pix- it was so the look back then! Yes, I had one too (and I must say it was nicer than some of the scraggy looks I tried!). Loving your 52q's! debb


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