Saturday, April 18, 2009

52Q: 14

i am ON FIRE with the 52Q, i tell ya! i think i am even starting to get the hang of working in a small (playing card/ATC = 2.5 x 3.5") format. or at least, i am becoming less hilariously inept at it...and rarely choose items from my stash that are more than two or three times bigger than the alloted space. go, me! :) ok, so here's the latest. oh yeah & did i mention that now i'm only one away from caught up? niiiiiiiiiiice.

question 14 - what is the last good book you read?

(patterned paper: paper pizzazz, fancy pants; dragon cut from a magazine, colorbox inks; manual typewriter; reverse: digital elements: arty frames: vera lim designs*, gypsy girl flower brushes from scrapartist; fonts: dirty ego (free from misprinted type**) ld patty whack; prima flower, making memories rub-on, gem from michaels)

text reads, "favorite book of recent memory... THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by stieg larsson***...i just could not put it down"

*absolutely the NICEST place i have ever shopped online: an amazing selection of great digital kits and elements, including quite a large section of sale and bargain stuff, PLUS i got a really nice email welcoming me when i registered to the site AND a free kit as part of the anniversary celebration...not to mention a *PERSONAL* reply when i emailed to say thanks. yeah. i was REALLY impressed already, and this was before i even found out that ms. lim is one of PRIMA's "hybrid" designers. so there ya go. check out her site!

**another site I LOVE, though i have had no contact or interaction with its founder, eduardo recife. i just go on there regularly to drool over his art and download the fonts and brushes he generously provides for free!!! if you like digi-collage and/or grungy typefaces, you should probably go and see!

***yes, this was MONTHS AGO...and i assure you i've read plenty of other books since then, many of them excellent. but this one REALLY sticks in my mind as an un-put-down-able, stay-up-all-night, reading voraciously in every spare second, damn-it's-over thriller...hence i chose to commemorate it. plus, i had that cool dragon, kwim?!


  1. COOL dragon! I am reading "The Virgin's Lover" - Robert Dudley & Queen Elizabeth I. He is a hottie!

  2. I have just finished 'the Other Boleyn Girl' this a.m. Actually provoked a lot of deep-thinking on my part. Shall have to track down this one now.

  3. I love this one!!! Its my absolute fav! So cool. great hybrid atc card. SO COOL!! I did some 52Q's tonight. Hope to take pics tomorrow. YOu inspired me! I need many more to catch up. lol

  4. Of course you would have a dragon in your stash :) I knew you would choose this as your book...Kristie loved it too...I think I need to check it out!

    You are great at ANY size art from inchies to ATCs to super ginormous cards!!!

  5. Damn...this is the one I am going to put for my best book question too! That book was fabulous and I can't wait to read the next two. I will be tracking them down soon, now that I'm not studying I will have more time for reading fun books.
    For my page I am going to take a photo of my dragon's almost the same as the one on the book cover except green instead of red :) And it's on my hip not my back...too much information?????
    I love the dragon that you've used and am now going to go check out that fonts and brushes me a good font & some free brushes :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Woah, this is super cool! I LOVE that dragon and the little blinged out prima on the back...perfection!

    I wish I could say I've read anything lately. But it's either craft or read...priorities you know!

    (-: Heidi

  7. Beautiful ATC of the dragon. Great background. Amazing.

  8. Awesome card/page! Love that dragon!Digital opens a whole new world doesn't it? Someday I am going to learn it. Sounds like a great book - I love the ones you absolutely must stay up all night to finish- even if it means risking a migraine from lack of sleep!


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