Tuesday, April 28, 2009

do you know about *THIS*??!

it's MAY 1st - 3rd

(yep, that's *THIS* weekend!)

instead of featuring the design team's work, this weekend at CAARDVARKS we'll be showing off *YOUR* amazing creations! and the best bit is...they don't need to be brand new, or even to any specific theme...we wanna see your best projects, your coolest cards, your proudest papercrafts!

to participate, just email: Caardvarks@Yahoo.Com with your entries by Wednesday, April 29th at midnight PST... (that's wednesday!) ...then check in often on friday, saturday and sunday see loads and loads of coolness!

all the details--including the exact details for submitting your artwork--are on this post right here!

(btw, the label above is not the official logo...which you can download at the CAARDVARKS blog...this one is just a digi-creation i made, playing with some new stuffs: distressed frame, ribbon, flowers: indian summer nights by marcie reckinger; flourishes: doodled shapes by vera lim; heart: gabriella by laura skathi; font: flowerchild)


  1. Ah, but that SHOULD be adopted as the official reader's weekend logo! Great job, Miss Lauren :)

  2. oooohhhhh NICE digi stuff! I am becoming as obsessed with it as the real paper stuff...not good for the wallet, though there is a ton of cool free stuff out there :) I love the logo better than the other one too...sssshhhhh, don't tell the other girls ;)
    I wish I had the time and energy to try and participate, but I don't...so I will just drool over all the other super talented people's things!


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