Thursday, April 16, 2009

52Q: 12

oof, it's been a couple of weeks since i have worked on my mini-journal for emily falconbridge's 52Q project, so this seems like a pretty good time to start catching up on that. right. where was i, again?? oh yeah.

question 12: what are you grateful for right now?

(page from an old dictionary (it's the definition for gratitude, though i've pretty much obscured it); vinyl letters from the office supply store (stolen--ahem--"liberated" from work); making memories rub-ons; teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny black flower nail gems from the divine terrie bailey; stamps: tim holtz harlequin (again--you can't see much due to subsequent layers; sorry, tim!), rubber stampede leopard print, rhonna farrer flourish; other: colorbox & ranger inks, zig pen; reverse: dena paper. making memories magnetic stamps, hero arts flower)

text reads, "turbo tax ♥ i-pod ♥ SPRING!!! ♥ blog friends ♥ saladworks ♥ digi bargains ♥ LHJ! ♥ on demand tv ♥ 100 calorie packs"

of course the thing for which i am most grateful at all times is the fact that i lead such an amazingly charmed life that my entire list consists of little treats and big conveniences! just like 99% of my "problems" list at any given are acutally nothing but minor inconveniences. pleasePLEASEplease don't think for a moment that i take things like plentiful food, clean water, good health and a safe home for granted; i assure you that i do not. but the question did read "grateful RIGHT NOW" rather than "eternally grateful" i decided to go with more ephemeral items. plus, you know...they are only tiny little cards!!! :)


  1. woot woot for the 100 calorie packs...lmao....I chuckled when I read that...personally I love the chocolate covered pretzels...fab job on the 52Q card :)

  2. Turbo Tax! LOL! Oh, yeah, baby! Super, duper card, my dear! I especially like that you used the MM magnetic alpha, cuz I have one somewhere and all my words come out crooked...imagine that. ;-)

  3. Love this concept...and the difference between what we are grateful for and what we're grateful for NOW!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my fantasy card. You're too sweet! Since you stopped by, I wanted to let you know that I'm offering some blog candy (first time ever) at this post...

    I would be happy to add your name to the list if you see anything you might like.

    Enjoy the day!

    BTW: I LOVE your monster cards...wrapping paper from Barnes & Noble, right? Soooooo adorable and creative!!!!

  4. I love how you combine products from soooooooo many companies to create a lovely card :) Pretty & pink & flowers = wonderful.

    I hardly think you need to qualify your gratefulness; those of us who know you see how appreciative you are at all times. That being said, I found your post fun and enjoyable to read (they all are fun reads, actually)! I would love to hire you Kristie, or Leslie as my writer whenever I need to write ANYTHING.

  5. First up I have to say how sweet is Miss June...seriously, she is so modest!!!
    Anyway, your 52Q card is awesome...I am sooooo far behind in this it's not funny! I will not be able to get to it admidst the packing this week, but once I get settled in up in Qld I am just going to sit down and catch up...I have them all written out in a list (I'm sure I put that in a SAFE PLACE...LOL) and will just tackle them all in one made art journaling frenzy until I am caught up.
    I love the things you are grateful for right now...but I don't know what a 100 calorie pack is?????? Or turbo tax for that matter...Ah, the perils of living in the land down under :)
    Is that flourish digi?? as rhonna farrer from house of 3???? very cool it is! Seeing how cool your page is makes me want to rush over and start making something myself...but I'm way too tired and going to go to bed

  6. This project is very interesting and I love seeing what you create - I would have to admit that I sure agree about Turbo Tax!



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