Thursday, February 26, 2009

so i made some inches

because sometimes i finish a project BEFORE bedtime... (not often, but it happens!) ...and i still want to play! plus, making inchies is way more fun than putting away all the little leftover bits and bobs, right?!

(patterned paper: basic grey, scenic route, sei, love elsie, vintage sheet music, pages from a japanese workbook; words cut from book scraps; cardstock: core'dinations; transparency: (doesn't this make COOL INCHIES??!?!?) hambly; embellies: doodlebug paperfrills & brad; mambi gems; queen&co felt; creative imaginations rub-ons; circle heart stamp: tyggereye art; punches: marvy, mcgill, ek success, martha stewart; inks: colorbox; pen: zig; foam tape: 3m)

...and then...
i made this weird little paper-pieced element, because the stamp was out, and i had a scrap of white patterned vellum, and a scrap of sparkly pink, just had to be done!

(stamps: pink paislee & unknown unmounted music definition; papers: core'dinations, doodlebug, paper co; inks: colorbox, ranger; foam tape: 3m)

...and then...
i invented the *ROUND* INCHIE!!!!!!
or, at least, i think i did; i mean, i've not seen such a thing anywhere else, but for all i know the online galleries have been full of them for six months and i'm the last to find out! :) anyway, i made a bunch of inchie-like-items, with teeny decorations, but instead of using the 1" square punch, i used my 1" circle punch.


(papers: michaels, core'dinations, imagination project, love elsie, ki, doodlebug, sei, creative imaginations,vintage sheet music, vintage game card, pages from a japanese workbook; words cut from book scraps; embellies: mambi gems; creative imaginations rub-ons, doodlebug paperfrills; making memories eyelet; ki lace paper; stickers: cavallini, sanrio, hallmark; stamps: hero arts; punches: marvy, mcgill, ek success, inks: colorbox, ranger; pen: zig; foam tape: 3m)

so what am i gonna use these for?

no idea. maybe cards...maybe thing i do know: occasionally i need to make POINTLESS stuff with no agenda and no purpose in mind. because even when i'm frantically busy, ART PLAY is not a luxury, it's a necessary part of the mojo-recharging process. in fact, what i realllllllllllly need is to get back to art journalling on a regular basis. but for now, these guys were definitely a fun way to spend the latter part of a couple of evenings!


  1. WoWzA sista!!! I love them...everything....did you make those all in one session?!!! Inchies galore...square and round {You smarty pants you...}. Love your use of the japanese workbook...well because it is coolio and yup, I'm Japanese :) Darn, I'm on my laptop, my desktop is sick, so I can do all my just pretend that I did, ok?

  2. you are too much Lauren!!! i wish i had the energy and drive that you have for creating...your round inchies are so cute and clever...i love the hello kitty one...she is too sweet!!!

    ps: there is a giveaway over at my place...stop over and play!!!

  3. well Missy, these are freakin fantastic!

  4. YAY!!! I **HEART** inchies!!!
    THese are fabulous and the round ones are PERFECT. Round is my favourite shape :)
    SUPER sweet little pieces of goodness.

  5. How cool! I love the look of inchies (and what better palette but a SMALL one!), but have never figured out what to do with them. Perhaps this would be a good use for all the s-craps I have! LOL!

    BTW, I have 2 (at least) bags o'chipboard in both 1" squares and 1" CIRCLES! Guess what I am going to try. ;-)

  6. Oh, Lauren! I LOVE the round inchies! I've never gotten into inchies, but now that I think about it, these are too cute not to try! Plus, I've been making bento lunches for my daughter and I think inchies on toothpicks would make just the cutest little flags to put in bentos! =D If I make any (and they turn out marvelous - if they turn out lousy I'll keep my mouth shut, LOL!) I'll be sure to let the world know that YOU are the one who inspired me! Thanks Lauren!

  7. These are so cute and so resourceful! AND I just know they are going to look marvelous in some future creation. Perhaps we should play a hide and seek game. First to spot one of these inches in a card, wins! debb

  8. These are all darling. I know they will find perfect homes on future cards or 3BT journal pages.

  9. Round inchies are the best invention I've seen in ages!!!! I am sure they are YOUR invention too....cause of all the bajillions of blogs and such I read...never seen them before :) I think that they'd look cute as part of a collage...maybe on canvas????
    OH...I wanted to tell you that I found a Dynamo label maker when I was in the supermarket last night (it's even pink!) it just came with black tape...but you could buy a pack with white, blue and PINK tapes as it came home with me....and it's because of your cute use of them for I get to be like you....LOL!

  10. I actually have a little basket of bits & bobs on my table. If I make something I like but can't use, into the basket it goes. Now, honestly, I don't think I've ever *used* anything from there, but it sure is fun to look through! :)
    The similarities keep piling up... as Z (my almost 3 yo) would say "Thas pretty spooooky!". Eh, he likes that oooo in spooky. A lot.

  11. Cute, cute, CUTE! I could sit and study these for hours! You need to stick them all together and make a super fabulous paper quilt!

    (-: Heidi

  12. I am speechless ... and that is saying a lot. As much as I love the 'traditional' inchies, I think I love the circles even more. I want to cover them with several coats of thick EP and put magnets on the back. I would love to have these on my refrigerator. An the cute little thing in the middle would look so cool as a pin on the collar of a coat. I'm going to have to give this a try ... fab-u-lous!

  13. Now it's not only your Jeff who thinks you have fantastic inches ;-)

    They're all fab. x

  14. I LOVE your inchies!! They're so teensy tiny and perfectly kewt!

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