Saturday, February 7, 2009

i am fabulous...and ummmmm...historical?!

...not to mention "LUCKY" and "HONORED"...that my extremely lovely & super-talented friend kristie morrison has seen fit to bestow not one but *two* delightful blogging awards upon me!

first, it's the marie antoinette award, which looks a bit like this:

i am not sure exactly what connection lies between the 18th century french aristocracy and 21st century online journaling ...and if i see a guillotine coming my way i am OUTTA HERE...nevertheless i say,

♥ merci beaucoup! ♥

the second award is this one:

and as part of the ceremony i am meant to list five of my addictions. which is really hard for narrow them down, i mean! but here goes:

1. i-pod, i-pod, i-pod: mine finally and irretrievably died on tuesday night and by the time i got to best buy yesterday afternoon i was a walking re-enactment of the less amusing scenes from trainspotting. seriously.

2. t'internet: it's not that i'm online all the time. it's just that i need to be ABLE to be online all the time. yes, there is too a difference! ok, it's really more of a (largely theoretical) moral high ground.

3. caffeine: i don't drink, smoke, take drugs, cheat on lovely husband jeff or play the ponies. get between me and the coffeepot between 7:30 & 9AM and you're taking your life in your hands. you've been warned.

4. books: to tell the truth, i'd've not even clocked this as an addiction if kristie hadn't listed it as one of hers. for me, saying, "i'm a reader" is like saying, "i breathe every day". since the second grade i've never not been in the middle of a book, with a stack from the library next to the bed.

5. art & art supplies: potentially there are 5...or 500...addictions within this addiction, but lemme sum up: i **NEED** to make stuff! preferably involving paper and glitter and weird old vintage bits, but in a pinch i will crochet or knit or stitch or photshop stuff...

and now technically i am supposed to pass these prizes on to other bloggers, but how OH HOW could i possibly narrow down to just a few of my nearest and dearest online friends???! so instead i will just say, if you are reading this, please know that *I KNOW* you are
and deserving of all good things!

now get out there
and grab y'all
SOME WEEKEND, darlings!!!


  1. LOL...I too wondered about the Marie Antoinette award...but I couldn't find out anything about it! I did mention to my PSF (hehehehe) that I was very long as she didn't think that I needed to have my head chopped off!!!!!
    Speaking of some COOL vintage goodies in the post this week...shall be trying to do something vintage-y and collage-y very soon....stay tuned :)

  2. Yes I too have an addiction to art and craft supplies.... oh dear

  3. You have the nicest most fun to read posts (and comments). This is what I have loved about you since I first found your blog. (Please don't misunderstand, the cards and 3BT journals and other art is a very close second place!) You are fabulous!

  4. Ahhhh replace i-pod with food and you and I would have the same list, Missy!

    It is quite an honor to have so much in common with your royal fabulousness!


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