Saturday, February 28, 2009

hold me closer, tiny monsta

technically speaking, these are not scraplings* but i made 'em using the folded off-cuts from bigger cards, so they're basically the same idea. i actually didn't know there was such a phenomenon when i made 'em...i just wanted to use up some leftover bits of transparency i had in my scrap folder, and i thought they'd make great little mini-monsta thank you notes.

i was right, as well.


(monstas cut from paperchase giftwrap; veterinary medicine envelopes from the lovely debb; transparencies: hambly; patterned paper& fabric paper scraps: love elsie, basic grey + bits from a japanese workbook; rub-ons: creative imaginations; stickers: paperchase; eyelets: making memories; punches: marvy, mcgill; other: dymo labeller, colorbox inks, zig pen, manual typewriter)

inside there are coordinating panels of patterned paper on which i wrote my little notes. these cards measure approximately 2 x 4.5"...but i mailed them in standard A4 envelopes wrapped in a bit of patterned paper to keep them from shifting around. life is too short to worry about things fitting exactly into envelopes, folks; if my cards arrive intact that is good enough for me!!! :)

ps: in case you were wondering why i needed said thank you' was for tracy, who sent me this FABULOUS valentine!

the other was for leslie, who surprised me with these AWESOME monsta bookmarks!!!

thank you, darlings!!!

*which are specifically 1.25 x 4.25"; here are some examples by their inventor; here is the first one i ever saw... (& it's still my favorite!) m'fellow caardvark miss tanis!


  1. he he. I just could NOT resist those book-marks...they SCREAMED "lauren"!!! And as an added bonus I am the proud recipient of a lauren creation. Oh, the simple joys in life. :-)

  2. They're back....the ♥♥♥ them..missed them ♥♥♥..back on my desktop ♥♥♥...happy weekend!!!

  3. ooooooh yeah...I missed those monsters too, super cute!

  4. P-Dub's favourite song (or version thereof) in your title = happy faces at our house :-)

  5. Love your monsta notes and those bookmarks are too cute!!!

  6. Love the monstas and I've missed them too :) These cards are just too cute! I hope we see more monstas really soon ♥

  7. hee hee:) those are so cute Lauren!!!

  8. Too cute for words. Love those monstas!

  9. Awesome, cute and just pure Laurenfabulous!

  10. Fabu tiny monstas! Love the acetate backing and pink and blue...yummy!

    (-: Heidi

    i cannot tell you how i was doing the happy dance when i got my MONSTA! i'd gotten home from an incredibly crappy day at work and there that envelope was and i thought... what tha....
    and my daughter said let me see - she loved the envelope... and then she saw the card and the monsta ... and she was in awe. (this is big stuff.. remember she's a teenager who does not impress easily LOL... and not a card making type... although quite an artist in her own right...and she LOVED it...she couldnt get over how stinkin cool this monsta card was and either could i...
    it is sitting here in front of me now and i adore it.
    i thought is it weird to say thank you for the thank you and i have decided it absolutely is not
    you made my day, week month.. :-)

  12. Mini Monster Mania! Love it! So glad they are still lurking... debb


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