Monday, February 16, 2009

frankie say relax

ok, in this case it's actually frankie the flamingo...and in fact *he* say, "thank you very much" to my lovely stamp-carving friend gina at tyggereye art...but i am not a gal who can resist an 80's-song-themed blog title, so i just went with it!

i'm never one to shy away from bright colors or lots of embellishment at any time, but a fabulous flamingo stamp really does seem to need a bit of tropical excess, dontcha think? yeah. so did i. so i used up most of the smaller flowers from a pack of glittery diecuts and threw a few other bits and bobs on there to keep them company. on the journaling card i typed "thank you" in lots of different languages for an international flair, et voila!

(hand-carved flamingo stamp: tyggereye art colored in with tombow brush markers; patterned paper: christina cole, dcwv; cardstock: bazzill; journaling card: sassafrass lass; diecut flowers & bling heart: k&co; lace: prima; cool heart playing card from elizabeth wickland; other: colorbox inks, zig pen, 3m foam tape)


  1. How do you continually pull off these throw-together cards!? I am in awe. I guess I just do not have the collage-y gene in my pool. Oh, I have all this STUFF, just not there where-with-all to put it together like you do. I will keep admiring from afar ... :-)

    Secret word: juregler. Would you like the special blend? No thanks, juregler.

  2. That Frankie is such a jetsetter. How many different languages can he say relax in?

    (I was laughing out loud at leslie's word ver gag;-)

  3. Frankie looks fabulous (and seems quite happy I might add) in the amazing environment you've created for him! Yet another gorgeous Lauren creation!

    BTW, I was checkin' out older posts on Caardvarks and noticed that I totally ripped off your bird on the polka dot challenge for my heart card! Sorry o-: ...I didn't even realize!!

    Have a Happy Monday!
    (-: Heidi

  4. LOVE IT!!! Frankie the internationally renowned flamingo is a STAR...and so are you for making such an awesome card :)
    Like Leslie, I am in awe of your collage skills...and keep staring at this amazing creation.
    Dank für das Teilen!!!

  5. Super fun card this! I really thought of the tropics when I saw it :)

  6. I love Fun Frankie. Frankie the Flamingo, that is! I'm with Leslie...I don't have the Laureny-goodness gene. You use so many "bits and bobs"; my cards would look like a big mess if I tried this. Your cards truly show that more IS merrier!!!

  7. You keep me crackin up! Left you a little something over at my blog - assuming that you don't already have, like, twenty!

  8. LOOOOVE the tropical excess and colors!! Beautiful card!

  9. okay, who wouldn't crack a smile seeing your pink flaming'ian card?! How FUN is this?!!!!!


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