Wednesday, February 4, 2009

amigurumi, macaroni, and...JAM...?!?

i s'pose you're wondering what those three things have in common, aren't ya? very possibly, up until sunday, they didn't have *anything* in common, unless you count the fact that they can all be found within a brisk walk of union square. until my friend trish and i changed all that, thank you very much!

we had lunch at S'MAC, where their mission is...and i quote..."to push the boundaries of what can be done with macaroni & cheese"! they are succeeding in that quest, by the way! i had the sampler platter* or, at least, some of it. (even with help, i could not eat more than about half!)

next we made a quick stop at JAM paper & envelope, so i could score some tasty discounts! (if you're flexible & willing to trawl the closeout section, the prices are hard to beat; twenty-five 6 x 9.5's for $4...5.5 x 8's for $6...and you needn't choose white, either; even online this is my first stop for specialty envelopes, but in person is the best deal!)

our last stop was the newly opened lion brand yarn studio, where they are putting a seriously strong "new york boutique" spin on an old craft store favorite! seriously, when you think "lion brand" does THIS pop into your mind?!

yeah. me neither! :)

we took a beginning AMIGURUMI class from will--possibly the world's most patient & polite twenty-something--in which nearly every class member was able to complete one of these little babies:

although mine had to have his wings and tail attached on the train ride home. i'm not sure that i am crazy about his beak, either; i made a dimensional one instead of embroidering...and now he's a bit "cyrano de BIRDgerac" for my taste...i might have another go later!

speaking of LATE...ciao, darlings!!!

*i don't have all that many firm rules for living, but one reallllllllly strong one is, "if a restaurant has a sampler platter, i shall order it!" it's not greed, i assure you. it's the passion of the pure scientist! :)


  1. Awww, he's beautiful! A hell of alot more handsome than Gerard Depardieu in the same role. (I knitted something that I think will make you laugh :-) ) x

  2. your mac and cheese sampler skillet looks delicious...i love mac and cheese and NOBODY in this house will eat it when i make i never do...but i could sure go for some now...i think your bird is just precious...there are some very cute books on amazon for doing amigurumi...have you had a look?

  3. Oh, that bird is DARLING! I might have to start making some of these with my yarn stash (oh, are you surprised I HAVE a yarn stash? you ahve no idea ...)

  4. S'mac? Promise we can go there AND the Lion shop when I come visit one day?

  5. ok...seriously, you made that bird???

    Loves it!

  6. Wow...that is one cute birdie! ♥ it!!!
    That yarn store is almost enough to make me want to take up knitting or something....almost :)

  7. if you can't read this comment it's because i've drooled all over my keyboard.

    And if you ever need a mac buddy - you know where i live! (i seriously eat more than anyone you know and believe i would be an asset to your team!)

  8. That s'mac sounds divine. I LOVE food!

    Your bird is totally cute! I love his cute little beak. I am so glad you did not embroider one on him/her.

  9. Oh wow - I want to live in that yarn shop! And if they can organise take-out s'mac's for breakfast/lunch/tea that'd be great!

    And such a cute amigurumi birdie, Lauren .... I hope we'll be seeing more hooking from you in the future??



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