Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♥ hello, cupcake! ♥

ok, remember that "five addictions" poll thingie from the other day? can we stretch it to six, in my case?* thanks. 'cause i think i'm gonna need to add amigurumi. particularly amigurumi food; which is perhaps the only thing on the planet cuter than amigurumi animals!

(told ya!!!)

i found the pattern for this cupcake on nimoe's blog, where there is also a very good tutorial to accompany it. her version has the cute cartoony face sported by most amigurumis. in future versions** i will no doubt assay this, but this time i've opted for decorative sprinkles instead, fearing that the highly mature first grader and supreme court justice*** niece riley, who will be seven on saturday, might find such frivolity beneath her dignity. in these weighty matters, an aunt cannot be too careful! :)

*i could maybe borrow one of leslie's...she only has three, the poor dear sad healthy darling! :)

**and there will be future versions. oh yeah. count on it.

***strictly speaking, riley elizabeth is not yet an incumbent of this lofty office, but she is already practicing a suitably decorous demeanor, just to be safe.


  1. Is that crochet or knitting? It is fabulous.
    I need help. I've got a coffee sleeve pattern and a crocheted owl pattern sitting here and I don't know how to do much more than a regular crochet.
    Come over and play??

  2. Oh My
    `Yum` `Yum` chuddy gum!!!!!!
    in my tum!!!lol as we
    `Walneyites` would say...

    `Scrummilicious` Lauren...
    Must take a peek now...might a to av a go at this......
    Have a wonderful Evening Missus:)~X~

  3. Is there a craft you do not do exceedingly well????

    Totally YUMMY!

  4. oh, you GO girl!!! you are really rocking this new found love of yours...and i love that cupcake!!!

  5. as elsie would say....HOLY CUTE!!!!!!
    this is just totally, unbelievably adorable....and now I'm completely jealous...'cause i can't knit or crochet to save my life...i've tried but i just mess up....but i can sew...maybe i could sew some cute lil cuppycakes to adorn my room...mmmmmmmmm, cuppycakes :)

  6. Thats so amazingly cute!! Wowsers! Adorable sweetness. :)

  7. **shut up** I LOVE it!!! Sheesh, your talents continue to amaze me...seriously sista...btw, how do you do all the hearts..I'm so not tech savvy!

  8. Hi lauren,
    I see we have a another thing in common: AMIGURIMI! I just love them! Check out my photo blog to see what my mom made me a couple of weeks ago when she visited me from France!:
    Your cupcake is the MOST beautiful one I've seen so far!! WOW!!


    P.S: Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

  9. Wow Lauren you amaze me with all your talent! That cupcake is TOO CUTE!! Love it! :D

  10. wow, that is so cute! and how delightful that it's crochet! (i can crochet but not knit). that is just the sweetest are so multi-talented!

  11. Oh yummy! Your bird from the fab weekend and this cupcake are sooo cute! I looked up the link and guess what? I can remember having these animals made for me when I was a child. They were crochet instead of knitting but I still remember receiving them from a family friend. What memories you brought back! Have fun with your new ob-hobby! debb


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