Sunday, February 8, 2009

seven days ago...

...i kicked the weekend's ass...

dis time
iz udder way 'round


this is not one of my lolz...i am only including it as an illustration of how i feel this morning...have you ever had a cold come upon you in the night with enough velocity



you up??!?!?!??!

(yeah, me neither, till last night; have to say, i don't recommend it, actually.)

i am going back to bed.

if at any time today you hear a low moaning sound coming from the direction of new jersey...that'll be me...sorry...

(ps: chocolate biscuits are an excellent source of vitamin c, right?! thought so. thanks.)


  1. Ohhhh lauren...sorry that you aren't feeling so hot...but if it makes you feel beh-tah, yes, chocolate biscuits are proven to make one recover from colds much faster than fruits & veggies {blech} load up my dear!!!

  2. If you have not seen this, it contains monstas, which might cheer you:

    Feel better! Soon! I command it! :-)

  3. So THAT was the sound I heard this morning!!
    You poor thing...being sick just sucks! Maybe you'll wake up tonight with miraculously clear sinuses!

    Feel better soon!
    (-: Heidi

  4. Sending you BIG feel better ~HUGS~ from across the world :) And yes, chocolate cures all kinds of things...including sneak up on you colds and flus! Hoping you feel much beeter soon...MWAH ♥

  5. Yes, chocolate and lots of vitamin D (works better than C).

    Get well, Sweetie!

  6. From what I understand, chocolate biscuits slim the waist and cure cancer, so by all means, load up!

  7. I'm sorry you're sick, but I LOVE your sense of humor!! Made my day!! And truly, a good dark chocolate is the only great source of copper that I know of, if that helps....


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