Thursday, February 19, 2009


yepper, that's me!

my new blogging friend mari... (who makes AWESOME cards btw, you should really go and check them out on her blog. see the one with the *birds*? i think it's my favorite!) ...was kind enough to give me this prize:

..which we both agree makes up for in style what it lacks in grammar. on the other hand, i've found that if you imagine the text being spoken by the divinely accented javier bardem, it suddenly seems not only correct, but rather cool.

need some help with that? here ya go:

(you're welcome!)

oh yeah, mari also turned me on to the funniest website i've seen since i can has cheezeburger. it's called cakewrecks and it features...well...cakes that are....ummm...kind of not very appealing to look at. sort of self-explanatory, i s'pose...but well worth a few moments of your time.

speaking of surf-worthy destinations: my friend and mentor missus trash is having a crafty raffle (craffle??! nah...nevermind...) to benefit the australian red cross bushfire appeal. do your bit for a good cause AND score a chance at some prime goodies! full details on this post.

last but not least, today at CAARDVARKS you'll find mini-spotlight profiles on each member of the design team which you might enjoy. i know i did! the new challenge starts tomorrow, so check back for that...the prize is particularly tasty...that's all i'm sayin'...

ciao for niao, darlings!


  1. congrats on your ween Lauren!!!

  2. OMG! it really is a CRAFFLE!!!

  3.'re a star!!! and well done on promoting trashy's craffle (LOL)...those poor people need all the help they can get :( it's been very sad here and sunday is going to be a national day of mourning for those, i'm so NOT cheerful today!!!
    yummy pic too ♥

  4. Hey girl, I always knew you were worth of an award. I'm sure you'll no longer comment to those of us who are merely a blip on your blog...


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