Monday, February 2, 2009

ANOTHER great mail day!!!

if this keeps up, i'm probably going to have to kiss my postal carrier on the lips. i hope she won't mind!!! ;)

ok, so this time, i *knew* what was coming. see, i commissioned my lovely friend gina to hand-carve me a flamingo stamp like one that she made for herself. yeah. you read that right. in addition to card-making, scrapbooking, digi-designing, and journaling, gina HAND-CARVES her own rubber stamps! can you *believe* that??! they are awesome, as well! her blog is called tyggereye art...and so is her etsy shop!


there is frank, on the left. (frankie flamingo, that is!) and on the right are two cool BONUS stamps gina made for me as well! how cool is that?! oh yeah, and there was a card, too:

gorgeous, isn't it?! i have to tell you it is only about 1/1,000,000 as cool in a pic as it is in real life...this thing has texture and dimension and...WOW!

thank you thank you miss gina!
now if you'll all please excuse me...
i have STAMPS TO PLAY WITH!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Sheesh are starting off your week GREAT! What FUN stamps and a FABulous card! I just checked out her blog...fantastic...adding it to my google reader :) Love her handcarved stamps...Happy Monday Lauren!!

  2. Wowza! Hand-carved rubbah! Have fun with your new toys. :-)

  3. Some like it hot...hope you do because you are on fire!

    All this great mail...thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hand carved rubber stamps???? How awesome!!!! I'm looking forward to some divine flamingolicious (yes that is a REAL WORD) creations from you soon!!!

  5. Thanks Lauren! Glad you like your stamps. :)

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your art with these! debb


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