Thursday, May 1, 2008

i can has cheezburger?

my friend and colleague joshua told me about this website. before i visited it, i was more amused by how amused HE WAS (which is to say hopelessly paralysed with laughter) than by the actual jokes he related. but now i have clicked...and read...and been hopelessly paralysed with laughter myself. so all i can say by way of apology is:

josh...i gets it...
now *i* can has cheezeburger??!


  1. omg! love that site!!1

    I so sorry lil bunnie.


  2. Oh - the cuteness! Thanks for the link ... I can see me whiling away many happy hours there, laughing at kitties in peril. Oh yes.


  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! i LOVE it!!!! this one is the best and i believe should have been featured here:

  4. CRAP:(
    well, it's the one with the huge orange cat posing as an angry throw pillow...hysterical!!!


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