Wednesday, April 30, 2008

operation 16: INSPIRED

continuing with my randomly ordered paper adventuring, here's the prompt from the week before last! for this one we are considering what inspires us. well, i could make a wholllllllle book just on this topic! in fact, i have an entire 3-ring binder of stuff i've cut out of magazines and catalogs, and my computer bookmarks are out of hand! i made a little digi-collage of some current loves, including two of my very favorite distressed fonts. oh, look! here it is now:

(digital collage made in broderbund printshop using scans, downloaded pics & my original photos; fonts: bleeding cowboys, anthology, batik regular)

i believe i have mentioned a time or two (or 437!) how much fun i am having with these assignments and how excited i am by the growing book of fun & funky little pages i am amassing. i'm not sure if i also told you that lovely husband jeff is really enjoying it, too. to the point where, if my PA book is sitting in the living room at the same time he is, he'll often pick it up and have a little look through, and maybe remark on something he hadn't noticed before...which is pretty cool...


  1. I love this page too; the colorful pics and the distressed fonts. One day I would like to start my own little book of 3 beautiful things. One day?

    LHJ IS pretty cool. VERY cool, in fact!

  2. This is way cool! I love those distressed fonts. And it sounds like you have an awesome husband.


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