Tuesday, May 27, 2008

two more "less laureny" lauren cards

making cards over the weekend-- (first the baby ones from my last post, and now these) --cards in which i am going for a style that is more to the recipient's taste than my own--it occurred to me that i have some really, REALLY strong card-making habits of which i was not entirely aware. for example, i like inked/outlined/distressed edges. i like them a lot. in fact, i think i may have become *slightly* addicted to them. because it turns out, when i make cards with very clean lines...say, perhaps, four in a row...i start to feel pangs. i think the next item i make will have to be really really grungy...with lots of layers...and distressed fonts...and a wholllllllllllle lot of completely extraneous rhinestones. yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

but in the meantime, here is an anniversary card that i don't entirely dislike:

(patterned paper: urban lily, crafty secrets, scenic route; chipboard: fancy pants; rub-ons: basic grey; other: foam tape, sharpie markers, jewelcraft gems)

and here's a birthday card that's somewhat cool (i LOVE those american crafts butterflies!):

(cardstock: bazzill; lace cardstock: creative imaginations; butterfly patterned paper: american crafts; florals: prima, junkitz, heidi swapp; flower sequin: queen & co; brad: making memories)

the latter is for my aunt, whose favorite color is......wait for it......white! every year i try to make a mostly white birthday card with clean lines and simple shapes, and every year i fail, totally. (well DUH, cause i'm *me*!) ...but this year...i think i got pretty close. at least, i hope my aunt will think so!

...now where did i put those rhinestones...?! :)


  1. Very nice!!! I am the same way about distressing things. If I don't distress a card, I look at it and think, this does NOT look right!! It takes a LOT of will power to not grab that ink pad and so something about it :)

  2. Both cards are cool, Miss Lauren! I like distressing too. I often finish a card and wish I had distressed even slightly...it adds so much dimension. I also have issues with distressing because I end up with an ink line (usually on a finger/thumb) where the edge of the ink pad touched and I don't notice and I smudge my card :( It can be distressing! LOL!

  3. i LOVE those birds you do...you need to tell me how you make them...and the lace cardstock is fantastic!!! NEVER saw that before...you must have a scrapbook paper store near you, right? if you buy online {which is where i am forced to purchase} let me know which site you like best!!!

  4. I love your style Miss Lauren, but whenever I try to do the distressed, super embelished, layered up look it just ends up looking like some 4 year old got into my craft area and made a great big mess. Unfortunately for me I just do not have your style!! However, I am soooo loving that butterfly card!! That is AMAZING! If your aunt doesn't like it, make her send it back and you can re-gift it to me LOL!
    I am looking forward to a return to true Lauren style though! Bring on the BLING!

  5. They still seem pretty 'laureny' to me ... you have an amazing ability to combine lots of things onto one design and keep it coherent ... I agree with kristie, I tend to struggle with not crossing over to messy, but yours are always candy for the eyes ... love them both.

  6. You have an adjective named after you? 'Laureny' ... I shall forever more use this adjective with you in mind ... "No, No.1 that doesn't suit you ... it needs to be more ... Laureny" Fabulous - as are your cards. x

  7. kitty is right.... laureny must be a description for your cards. and i would never have guessed the 2nd was yours - the first one i might... despite its lack of distress (i hate to think the birdies would be in distress ;-))
    they're both beautiful cards nonetheless. and i have been seeing that lace cs online - amazing stuff. as for your aunt..... you know i cant help but say white is the absence of color .... but i musnt be fussy LOL.... that would be too tracyish of me....

  8. Gorgeous cards...i love how you used the holey cardstock too!
    Your work is perfect!

  9. Gorgeous cards! Adore the butterfly one


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