Saturday, May 10, 2008

every once in a while...

...i make a card...
...that turns out BETTER than the picture in my head!
(it's not that i have a firm image of exactly what it ought to look's more like a "vibe"...and i'll know it when i see it)

and this is one o' those times!

(patterned paper: prima; plain chipboard--that's been painted pink and glazed with a slightly shimmery topcoat: fancy pants; "princess" chipboard and stickers: sandylion as licensed by disney; stick-on pearls: kaiser; vinyl letters (inside): lil davis; other: stickles, colorbox ink, foam tape)

so much so...that i *almost* wish i could keep it!

oddly enough, it uses almost all pre-made stuff, un-altered, un-customized, straight from the package. when i saw these "princess" stickers and chipboard shapes a couple of months ago at a craft store, i totally fell in love with them, and knew they would make a very cool "enchanted fairy tale" type of birthday card for niece madeline. i stumbled into this prima paper last week and was not thinking about this project when i bought it. (which essplains why i only bought ONE SHEET...duh!) the longest portion of the card-making process was waiting for the paint to dry.

yep...every once in a while, i start thinkin', "hey! i might just get the hang of this card-makin' thang, someday!"

go, me! :)


  1. Go you is right!!! This one needs to be framed girl!
    It is SOOOO CUTE!

  2. that is ADORABLE!
    why dont they make stamps of those cute chipboard trees?
    i love everything about it - love the bgs!
    and i swear anything i make - its never where i started out... i wish i ever had any idea to start out with....

  3. "yep...every once in a while, i start thinkin', "hey! i might just get the hang of this card-makin' thang, someday!""

    I hate to burst your bubble, but some of us have been thinking you're a whizz at this card-makin' lark for quite some time now ;-)


  4. Okay, so this IS my favorite Lauren card ever. Probably my favorite greeting card ever. Just looking at it brings out my "inner princess". DH reminds me that I am like the Princess & the Pea, then I remind him that i chose him to marry :)

  5. Any chance you're mailing this to Indiana? Hmm? And yeah, you have a faithful following of bloggers who ADORE your cards and have for quite some time!! (Including me. xo)

  6. It's totally gorgeous! I have a niece who'd love it too...come to think of it, I wouldn't mind getting it myself LOL!
    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!!!

  7. Way cute card, Lauren. Lovin' the trees.

  8. i had been drafting this totally cool comment in my brain and then poof!!! all gone!!!

    this card totally rocks!!! I bought these very same stickers and was just waiting for an inspirpiphany. evidentially you got it!!! I love all the elements, you did such a great job putting them all together!!! lucky madeline!

  9. girl, you are one totally amazing cardmaker!! this is beyond awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. oh Oh OH!!! this is delighful!!! what a sweetie of a card, everything about this one is pure magic!!! i just adore this card!!!

  11. ooooh! This is soooooo CUTE ! very magical and absolutely perfect for a pretty little princess! ( or a big princess! )

  12. Oh, Lauren - I love all your cards (and projects and everything...!) but this outshines them all! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE it!! I have those chipboard pieces, too, and I can't wait to play with them now that I've seen what you did with them! stunning!


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