Thursday, May 29, 2008

operation 21: TRUST

yes, yes, again i have sadly allowed paper adventure to languish for several weeks. you know how it is: deadlines get priority...and then other people's stuff...and then your own personal things. i've been following along, though, and i pretty much know what i want to do for each assignment. it's just a question of having time to sit down and do 'em! i'm waaaaay the heck out of order again, as well. but i've given up apologizing on that score; afterall, we're artistes, not accountants, isn't that right, darlings?!

here is my page on "TRUST". before scrolling down, you might like to take a deep breath and prepare yourself's pretty deep (lol):

(cardstock from staples; dymo labeller; colorbox ink; brenda walton ampersand sticker; masking tape)

text reads, "you can trust me with your money, your secrets & your cannot trust me with your brownies. (sorry) (they were good!)


  1. good one miss!
    not only do i like the idea i love the execution
    and the brownie (darn that looks delicious! maybe you should be a food stylist? LOL)
    great page :-)

  2. HAH!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would have eaten them too, they look delicious:) any chocolate is unsafe around me!!!

  3. Ditto! I have an embarrassing confession to make...when DH and I were dating, I was eating a bag of M&M s. He asked if I would share, but I had only the red ones left. I have to admit I did not want to share them....even with him. He was hurt and surprised that I did not want to share with him, my best friend and love of my life. I did share them, and I still share them with him. So what does that say about me? Ugh. Honestly, I would share red M&M s with you and Tracy, but very few others!

    So I know you share brownies with LHJ, but not DC. I think you have your priorities straight :)

  4. Too funny ... and very yummy ... I can certainly identify.

  5. LOL you are HILARIOUS!
    Always giving me a good laugh!! :D
    TOTALLY awesome!
    Brownies ROCK and are MUCH better than moose! (=

  6. *giggle* I'll make sure I remember that: all brownies to be kept under lock and key when Lauren's around :o)

  7. Oh dear! this made me laugh...some how I have a strange want to bake that box of brownies in the cupboard...


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