Thursday, May 8, 2008

totally pointless

(but in a *GOOD* way!)

the other day at work i found this cool pic of frank sinatra in a trade mag. i was dying to make something out of it...i didn't know what, exactly. i tore it out and put it in my bag to take home, but it just wouldn't let me be! "make me into something!" it seemed to call from across the room, inside my totebag, in a slightly muffled way, "make me into something...NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

so i did.

of course, being at work, i didn't have much in the way of supplies, and i had zero in the way of free time.

but i did anyway.

(when the mojo is that strong, darlings, only a fool resists!) :)

i cut the photo out from the background...i glued it onto a white notebook divider thingie i found...i drew clouds with a pen...i colored in with a highlighter and a marker and a silver leafing pen that came know, i have NO IDEA where that came from...when the paper got gunky from over blending, i laminated the whole thing onto another piece of divider with packing tape...cut it into a circle...and wrote around the edges with a sharpie pen.

after it was done, i decided it was a page for my newest volume of 3BT. (whose cover isn't decorated yet...when it is, i'll show ya!) when i got home, i journalled on the back and added the rhinestone star.

i spent like ten minutes on this, tops.
it *looks* like i spent ten minutes on it, tops.
and yet...i loooooove it!

the point of my story is this:
go make something!
make something without thinking too hard.
make something that no one else will "get" or like.
maybe even something no one else will ever see.

make something pointless!!!

(it's really, REALLLLLLY fun!)


  1. Well that is good advice, except I doubt you could ever make something that someone would not like!
    I think Frank would flip for this book. (Okay, bad humor should not be allowed at this time of the morning.

  2. june's humor aside (actually i love june's humor and Good Humor .. the chocolate eclairs come to mind...but i digress)
    FAB-u-lous advice. Making something pointless is EXACTLY the point Oblio.
    (and if you get that reference i may have to give you some kind of prize!)
    I love blue skies and blue eyes and frank's ok too (nj boy... of course)

  3. that is excellent advice...i really need to make something...haven't been doing much of anything...i am really dragging butt over here...LOVE your sinatra creation, it looks very cool!!!

  4. Hi Lauren...I havent done much blooging lately....well what great advice!!!!
    Anyhows I sooo love your Caardvarks card and all your creations since I last visit:)
    Have a great weekend:)x

  5. I love Frank, and I love what you've done with him... it's got a 'Come Fly With Me' kinda feel to it. As the Man says... Everything happens to him, why not being made into a cool book?

  6. You make pointless look amazing dahling!! xo

  7. Thanks for the reminder ... and the inspiratioh ... you make me smile.


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