Thursday, May 22, 2008

**MORE** tags?!

uh huh.
but this is the last set, honest!


again, i don't think i've ever made ANYTHING with a "back-to-school" theme...but this super-cute richard scarry illustration (from a book that was already missing half its pages...and the rest were hangin' by a thread, honest!!!) was too adorable to resist pairing with some of that fun notebook papery cardstock from CI!

(illustration from an old children's book; vintage tickets, crayon pin & millinery apple; patterned paper: creative imaginations; ribbons: basic grey, michaels; flowers: heidi swapp, prima)

halloween. cute illustrations. 'nuff said! :)

(illustrations from 2 vintage children's books; glossy black cardstock: ranger; ribbon: michaels; flowers: heidi swapp, oriental trading co; brads: bazzill, hot off the press; letter stickers: american crafts)


a total cheat, and i admit it. this was going to be october...using the rationale that diwali is generally in october...and the tag is indian...and therefore "octoberish". (don't think about that too hard, ok?!) ...but then i made the halloween tag. ...sooooooo...diwali CAN occasionally land in november... (like hannukah & easter, it doesn't have a specific date based in the modern calendar) ummmm....VOILA??!

(bengali newspaper & photo from a magazine; mehndi stencil; cancelled postage stamps; patterned paper: basic grey, dcwv; clipart butterfly: anahata katkin; flowers: unknown; inks: colorbox)


given my obsession with i can has cheezburger, i have started to see the rather silly kitten pics in old christmas publications (like "ideals" whence this one comes) in a whole new light. so...cute cat...funny elsie stuff i bought AFTER xmas (& thus didn't get to use yet) and i was like a pig in...well, ok...let's just say i was pretty happy!!!

(patterned paper, border sticker, cardstock tab, chipboard button: love elsie; black patterned paper: making memories; santa sticker: 7 gypsies; flower: prima; ribbons: michaels, making memories; other: foam tape, colorbox inks)

so now, your mission...should you choose to accept


don't worry about being too "themey"...or not "themey" enough! don't worry if you're australian and your months--or ours here in the northern hemisphere--are "upside down", seasonally! don't worry if the thing that makes july cool for you is that you and your nana make xmas cards then!!! make your tag, your way, and submit it to the 'varks by midnight on june 3!!!


  1. eeeeeeep!!! i loves that december kitteh:) and your back to school tag is adorable:) i love Richard Scarry illustrations!!!

    ps: did you see my tag plea post? no pressure, but i think it is right up your alley

  2. Okay, I'll have to see about entering this contest. But your tags would still be MY faorite!

  3. Oh My Lauren...Your tags are sooo gorgeously full of gorgeousness!!!!!just like you is ....I better pull my finger out and try some!!!!cos you make me want to craft!!!your inspiraion is endles...
    Have a fantastic Weekend....:)x

  4. Ok, ok I get it! Today I'm amking a tag!!!!!!!
    I'll even submit it! LOL
    I love the diwali one, anything that celebrates Lakshmi is cool with me...I mean who doesn't need more wealth! I love the colours and the row of stamps.
    I really like the kitteh one too!
    You've really made me start to look at stuff in a whole new way and about how I can use everyday things in my craft.... although I am a wee bit worried as last night I was eyeing off the buttons on my house-mates cardigan...they're a perfect match for sage shadow CS - do you think she'd know it was me if they disapeared????

  5. Diwali ... Richard Scarry ... cats ... children's illustration ... tickets ... you are again ... amazing.

  6. whew... i didnt miss any tags... what a relief!
    now these are just wonderful - you KNOW my feelings on Richard Scarry (his being the man and all) and all the little elements on each of these little treasures. just wonderful. i may even make a tag gosh darnnit!
    (oh and i had to wiki Diwali... you stumped me on that one... thanks for the education :-))

  7. OMG, your samples are drop-dead gorgeous!!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!!



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