Wednesday, May 14, 2008

oooooooh! for me?!

the other day i came home from work and guess what is waiting for me? a package! and not just an *ordinary* package, it was a surprise package, sent to me for absolutely NO REASON from my lovely friend june. (do you read june's blog? it's called simply elegant
paper crafts
and on it she posts her paper crafts...which are, appropriately enough, both simple and elegant! cool, no?!)

so what was inside the package?? have a look:

it turns out that in addition to making simply elegant PAPER crafts, june also makes simply elegant yarn crafts too! june knitted these specially for me...she calls them "dish rags"...but there's nooooooo way i'm letting them anywhere near my dirty dishes, so i'm callin' 'em trivets!!! oh yeah, and you mght have noticed i got a rather gorgeous handmade card, too, which contains a very nice note.

thank you, miss june, you totally made my monday!!!!!!


  1. OKAY
    this is seriously FREAKINMEOUT
    HOW do i not know june does this? makes dish rags or trivets (i'm with u L - they seem way too lovely and underserving of the title of "rag")
    i'm gonna have me a talk with june (we're doing the coffee place on friday)cos apparently i haven't been listening (or seeing any of these around her house??)

  2. How super-cool are these ... and even better that they were a surprise ... enjoy those fancy trivets.

  3. What fab goodies! Love your fancy new trivets and the cute card! xx

  4. You are so sweet! I'm glad I made your day, because your fun blog entries make my day quite a few days each week :)
    Love ya, girlfriend!

  5. gotta love that good mail!!!


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